Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP – Chief Medical Officer

GMC registration: 4734000

Dr Sam Rodgers is our chief medical officer (CMO) and has been with Medichecks since 2015. As CMO, Sam provides medical leadership and guidance for the business, our colleagues, customers, and patients.

Alongside Dr Natasha Fernando, Sam is responsible for the team of reporting doctors and reviews national evidence and guidance to ensure Medichecks always follows best practice for interpreting results for customers.

Sam has held multiple roles throughout his career as a lead GP or medical director, and currently practises as a GP near Elephant and Castle, working with a team that provides care to 19,000 patients.

We asked Sam what he enjoys most about being part of the Medichecks team.

Dr Sam Rodgers:

“Medichecks is a fast-moving, medically-led company with a friendly, professional team. They’ve taken the qualities of being a good doctor and applied it at a company level—like embracing a patient-centred approach and making sure decisions are evidence-based. There are a range of digital companies that hold these medical aspects at arm’s length, but Medichecks recognises its importance and puts it at the very forefront.

“I see health informatics as a vital tool for doctors to take a holistic approach to a person's medical problems. Healthcare has been slow to adopt artificial intelligence, but we are starting to see some exciting uses, augmenting clinician decision-making, and enabling people to take a more independent approach to their healthcare. The rise of lifestyle medicine and self-care, focused on the prevention of ill-health and promotion of wellbeing, is one of the most exciting developments of recent years.

“Medichecks enables customers to take ownership of their health by making blood testing accessible. The feedback from customers is so rewarding, as is giving them the tools to discover something new about their health, and helping them to make meaningful, positive change in their lives.”

When asked what Sam gets up to outside clinical work, he added:

“I currently live in a house that is in varying stages of falling (sometimes on me). So, I’m spending a lot of time on DIY, fixing things, and decorating. I’m also a keen street photographer. I have two teenage daughters and I’m spending as much time with them as I can before they fly the nest. My wife and I know most of the local sushi restaurants in town and enjoy getting out of the house to a weekly blues musician in Brixton.”