Dr Ajay Deshpande MBBS

GMC registration: 7037143

Dr Ajay Deshpande is one of our reporting doctors. Ajay empowers Medichecks' customers by interpreting their results and giving them the answers to questions like what does that mean or what's next? 

Ajay started working with Medichecks in March 2017, and his passion for lifestyle medicine first led him to the role. Being a reporting doctor means that Ajay helps people from different backgrounds and with varied concerns and circumstances in their journey to better health. 

Alongside his reporting role, Ajay is a private GP and health screening doctor in central London. As a private GP, he enjoys having the time to support patients with their health and lifestyle choices. 

We asked Ajay why he is passionate about Medichecks.

Dr Ajay Deshpande:

“I have a strong interest in health technology, and I believe the future lies in health biodata that can be collected from home for monitoring, especially of long-term health conditions. At-home blood tests will form a significant part of this, as we have already seen over the pandemic - alongside smartwatches/fitness trackers.

"What makes Medichecks stand out? For me, it is the patient-centred ethos and variety of tests on offer. They provide fast, independent analysis of blood markers, which can often speed up diagnosis when used in conjunction with usual NHS practices.

“Medichecks is not just for patients but for healthcare professionals too - I always describe it as a forward-thinking health tech company that helps people manage their health, lifestyle, and chronic health conditions. Outside of reporting and practising, I have a young family, which keeps me busy! I'm also an avid football fan, amateur astronomer and fitness enthusiast."