Women's Health Checks and Blood Tests

Our Women's Health Checks cover many main conditions that can affect women, from hormone imbalance to fertility and complete health checks.
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Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

Get valuable insights into your health by checking your risk for common conditions as well as hormones, thyroid, and vitamins and minerals for energy and long-term health...

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Health and Lifestyle Blood Test
£89.00 £71.00

A simple, at-home finger-prick blood test that checks your liver and kidney function, cholesterol levels and key vitamins and iron for energy and optimal health...

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Female Hormone Blood Test

Measure your levels of female and thyroid hormones, which regulate fertility, mood, and energy...

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Advanced Female Hormone Blood Test

Get an advanced picture of your hormone health with tests for your female and male hormones and a full thyroid function panel with antibodies...

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Iron Blood Test

Check your iron status to get detailed information about your iron status and see if you have iron deficiency anaemia, iron overload, or if your iron levels are within the normal range...

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Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test

A simple finger-prick day-21 progesterone blood test to identify whether or not you have ovulated - an essential first step in any investigation into fertility...

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