Dr Natasha Fernando MBBS, MRCGP - Head of Clinical Excellence

GMC registration: 7049710

Dr Natasha Fernando is our head of clinical excellence. Natasha has been part of the Medichecks team since November 2019 and works with the reporting team of doctors to ensure that we uphold excellent standards of providing customer-centred advice on results. Natasha also provides support for Medichecks’ customer care and business development teams.

Natasha is a practising GP in Derbyshire. After studying medicine at the University of Cambridge, she went on to Imperial College London to complete her clinical rotations. As a qualified lifestyle medicine practitioner, Natasha takes a holistic and proactive stance when it comes to health and believes in dealing with the root cause of medical problems rather than focussing solely on current illness.

We asked Natasha about what she enjoys most about being a GP and the head of clinical excellence at Medichecks.

Dr Natasha Fernando:

“I really enjoy the continuity of care as a GP. I’m able to care for patients through the best and hardest parts of their life, supporting them to make positive changes to their health. My goal is to inspire people to live happier, healthier lives, which is also what drew me to Medichecks.

“Medichecks makes it possible for everyone to get personalised insights on their health. Our emphasis is on supporting the customer throughout the process, from choosing their first test to getting their results. We make sure our customers know exactly what their next steps are — our expert medical team provides feedback and lifestyle advice based on the results.

“Remote testing is likely to become the new norm. It’s so important for people who find it hard to access healthcare due to time pressures, being housebound, or due to a lack of services in their area.

“Outside of doctoring, you can usually find me experimenting with cooking, exploring the outdoors, or painting. I say usually because my partner and I have just welcomed our first baby into the world, which is keeping us pleasantly busy right now. Having said that, we are able to enjoy local nature trails as a family and weaning is giving me lots of opportunity to experiment with whole foods!”