Dr Peter Darling MB ChB

GMC registration: 7485635

Dr Peter Darling has been a reporting doctor with Medichecks since 2018. Alongside his role as a locum GP in Belfast, Peter specialises in intraarticular steroid injection and minor surgery.

Peter studied medicine at the University of Dundee and he finds providing continuing care for patients and their families extremely rewarding. Peter is also passionate about teaching; he works with Medical Projects to provide online learning for students aiming to attend medical school and volunteers with Street Doctors. Peter credits the variety of his work in helping to keep him fresh and motivated for each new challenge.

As a keen guitar player, Peter loves live music. He lives in Northern Ireland with his wife Stephany and dog Charlie. Together, they enjoy good food of all cuisines and would never say no to a foreign adventure (even Charlie!).

Peter told us more about being a doctor and what attracted him to work with Medichecks. 

Dr Peter Darling:

“I’ve always been fascinated with how the body works; it’s why I chose to study medicine. As a GP, I enjoy seeing people in their everyday lives, which allows me to treat patients and provide management best suited to their lives. Being able to provide continuing care for patients and their families is so rewarding, especially when you can see progress. 

“Medichecks allows people to access blood tests for any reason, be that symptom, monitoring or even just general interest. Having a doctor’s report is particularly useful, especially when a patient provides a thorough medical history we can refer to when interpreting the results. I know in my practice I have had patients use other private testing companies who just provide ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ which can cause undue anxiety over results until they speak with a doctor.

“Home health checks have already become part of monitoring for chronic conditions like thyroid conditions, diabetes, or cholesterol. The ability to do this at home at a time that suits you avoids needing to book and travel to an appointment for a blood test. This is particularly useful for busy people who may need to take time off work usually to attend their GP treatment room for a blood test.”