Dr Daniel Grant MBBS, BSc – Head of Medical Education

GMC registration: 7493851

Dr Daniel Grant is our head of medical education and produces educational materials for our customers, colleagues, and practitioners. As one of our reporting doctors, Dan interprets blood test results for customers too.

Dan joined Medichecks in 2017 after an article he wrote for the British Medical Journal caught our co-founder Helen Marsden’s eye. Quickly, Dan realised that Medichecks’ values align closely with his view of medicine – it should be people-centred, personalised care, with a focus on prevention.  

Outside of Medichecks, Dan maintains his clinical responsibilities as a doctor in A&E and medical departments around London. He lectures in space medicine and has a clinical research fellow post at University College London for humanising medicine.

We asked Dan what he enjoys most about being at Medichecks.

Dr Daniel Grant:

“The best things about Medichecks? Well, Medichecks embraces innovation and listens to creative and bold ideas in a way that has seen us pioneer innovations in the health and sport sector – and that’s exciting.

“My colleagues are great. The leadership team’s enthusiasm and vision are infectious, and our Chief Medical Officer is both welcoming and nurturing. When it comes to our customers and their results, I’m always particularly pleased when I see people doing their blood tests for health, not necessarily for sickness. 

“This new way of thinking, interest in preventative healthcare, tracking yourself to stay healthy and then catching issues super early, is extremely satisfying. After working in GP and A&E departments, I’ve seen too many people suffer from illnesses and issues which were entirely preventable had they just known about it earlier. I know that at Medichecks we’re making that difference!”