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A comprehensive health screen which provides valuable insights into your current state of health. Includes tests for diabetes, iron, cholesterol, inflammation...

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An essential male health screen which includes liver and kidney function, cholesterol, red and white blood cells as well a PSA test for prostate cance...


Everything in the Well Man Check, this profile also includes an advanced prostate profile, thyroid function, testosterone, ferritin and important nutritional...


Everything in the Well Woman Check, this profile also includes thyroid function, female hormones FSH, LH and oestradiol as well as ferritin, vitamin B12,...

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A comprehensive sports profile consisting of core hormone and metabolic blood tests.


Our most comprehensive sports hormone blood test includes everything in the Sports Hormone Check Ultra as well as vitamin D, B12, folate, magnesium, DHEA-s...

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A comprehensive thyroid screen to examine thyroid function including TSH, free (unbound) T3, free T4, total T4, and thyroid antibodies.


Our most comprehensive test for thyroid disease. Everything in the Thyroid Check UltraVit with an additional reverse T3 test.

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See all our thyroid blood tests, profiles and related thyroid tests in our dedicated thyroid website.

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For food intolerance blood tests and information visit our dedicated food intolerance website.

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