Sports Performance Buying Guide

Understand the different Sports Performance blood tests and what they can tell you about your body to help you optimise your performance.


The importance of Sports Performance blood testing

What can you learn from a Sports Performance blood test? Find out how checking your inner health can help you perform at your best.


Signs you’re overtraining and how to recover

What are the pitfalls of too much training? Learn about the signs of overtraining, how to recover, and the roles of anabolic and catabolic hormones in recovery.


Top tips for sports nutrition

Food is fuel and a cornerstone for any athlete. Find out what to eat and when.


Macros vs. Micros – what are they and why are they important to athletes?

We dig deep into the world of sports nutrition and the importance of macros and micros to athletes.


Are sports supplements worth it?

Are you intrigued by the latest supplement trend? We dive deep into the world of sports supplements and explore whether they’re truly worth it.


Sports supplements vs dietary supplements - which ones are best for athletes?

We discuss why dietary supplements may be just as important as sports supplements in optimising your training.


Sex in sport – the impact of the female body on performance

Do menstruation, osteoporosis, and low energy affect women in sports? Learn about the female athlete triad and how women can monitor performance recovery with a blood test.


The importance of blood testing for bodybuilders

Blood testing can take the guesswork out and support you in your goals to better your physique and training, but how?

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