Fertility Blood Test Buying Guide

Struggling to choose the right fertility test for you? We've created a handy buying guide to help you choose the right test for each stage of your fertility journey.

If you’re trying to conceive, and it’s not happening as quickly as you’d hoped, you are not alone. It has been reported around one in seven couples in the UK face issues conceiving.

We understand that trying to fall pregnant can be a stressful time for some couples. To take the confusion out of finding the right test for investigating your or your partner's fertility status, we've created a handy fertility test buying guide.

We at Medichecks, offer a wide range of at-home fertility tests to support couples in their fertility journey. From investigating fertility problems to monitoring pregnancy progress, and much more. This guide explains the tests available for both men and women, helping you to choose the right Medichecks test for you. 

Fertility tests for women

1. Future Fertility (with AMH) Blood Test

If you are considering having children in the future and would like to investigate your ovarian reserve, our Future Fertility (with AMH) Blood Test is the perfect test for you.

This simple at-home blood test includes tests for follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), oestradiol, and anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH).

Taken on day one, two, or three of your menstrual cycle, it can help determine whether your ovarian reserve is declining and if any age-related changes have begun.

While no single test can ever predict your chances of becoming pregnant, this test can help you in family planning and the choices you make about when to start.

You can read more about FSH, AMH and oestradiol in our when should women start thinking about their fertility blog. 

2. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Blood Test

Our Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Blood Test can indicate whether your AMH level is average for your age.

It cannot measure the actual number of viable eggs, nor can it give a precise estimate of the years left that a woman has to try for pregnancy.

However, the result can indicate whether a woman has the expected number of viable eggs for her age.

This test can also be used to investigate polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), as women with polycystic ovaries often have high numbers of follicles in the early stages of development.

3. Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test

Planning a family and want to check that you are ovulating normally? Or are you struggling to conceive and want to check that you are ovulating?

If so, our Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test is an essential first step in understanding your fertility.

Taken seven days before your period is due, it measures your progesterone levels to identify whether or not you have ovulated.

4. Day 3 Fertility Blood Test

Our Day 3 Fertility Blood Test is perfect if you want to check your reproductive hormones before starting your fertility journey or during.

This simple at-home blood test includes LH, oestradiol and FSH.

Taken three days after your period has begun, during the follicular stage of the menstrual cycle, this test checks that your hormone levels can support the release of a healthy egg from the ovary. 

The hormones in the body on day three can indicate whether hormonal problems are likely to affect ovulation and conception, and whether a condition like polycystic ovaries may affect your fertility.

5. Preparing for Pregnancy Blood Test

If you are wanting to start your journey towards conception and would like a thorough hormone MOT before you start. Or, if you have been trying for a few months without success - the Preparing for Pregnancy Blood Test can give you information about what might be affecting your chances of getting pregnant.

This test is the perfect starting point to check levels of essential hormones and vitamin D - crucial for both natural conception and IVF.

You can find more information on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy in our how can I increase my chances of conception section.

6. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Blood Test

If you are experiencing symptoms of PCOS  like irregular periods, weight gain or acne, or have you been trying to conceive without success, and think PCOS could be the reason why. Our Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Blood Test is the right test for you.

This profile checks your testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), luteinising hormone (LH), and stimulating follicle hormone (FSH).

The main Indicators of PCOS seen on blood tests include elevated testosterone levels, low SHBG, and an LH/FSH ratio of more than 2:1. 

7. IVF Viral Screen Blood Test

Before starting IVF treatment, a fertility specialist may expect you and your partner to screen for certain viral and bacterial infections.

Our IVF Viral Screen Blood Test looks for evidence of current or past infection of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis.

This test can also be used if you are already pregnant and want to check that you are clear of infectious diseases that could potentially harm your unborn child.

8. Pregnancy Blood Test

Our Pregnancy Blood Test is an early detection finger-prick laboratory pregnancy test that can detect pregnancy sooner than an over-the-counter urine test.

It measures the amount of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, in the blood to give either a positive or negative pregnancy result. If you’re trying to conceive and want to know whether you have been successful quickly, or understand whether your IVF treatment has worked, this at-home pregnancy blood test is for you.

9. Pregnancy Progress Blood Test

Newly pregnant and want to check that your early pregnancy is progressing how it should be? Or have you had previous miscarriages, and you want to give yourself peace of mind? If so, our Pregnancy Progress Blood Test is perfect for you.

This easy, at-home blood test for progesterone and beta hCG checks that your pregnancy is progressing as it should be.

10. Tired New Mum Blood Test

Recently had a baby and struggling to get your energy levels back after pregnancy? Our Tired New Mum Blood Test is a simple at-home blood test that can help identify if you lack any vital vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron.

Your results can help you optimise your diet by highlighting any deficiencies. In these cases, a supplement may be useful if you're struggling to meet your daily requirements through diet alone. 

Fertility tests for men

1. Testosterone Blood Test

Trying for a baby but low sex drive affects how often you have sex? Or are you trying unsuccessfully and want to investigate whether low testosterone is affecting your fertility? If so, our Testosterone Blood Test is for you.

If a man’s testosterone levels drop below the normal range, it can impact his fertility, causing decreased sperm production, reduced sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

This simple, at-home, finger-prick blood test measures your testosterone levels. Our doctors' comments will give you information on what the next steps are if your levels are low. 

You can read more about male infertility in our what are the main causes of male infertility section.

2. Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test

Our Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test can help to identify whether the levels of any of your reproductive hormones such as testosterone, FSH, LH, and prolactin are abnormal.

If any of your reproductive hormones are abnormal, it can affect your sperm production, libido, or sexual performance. 

If you’re after an overall hormone MOT before you start your fertility journey this is also the right test for you.

3. Erectile Dysfunction Blood Test

Have difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection? Or suffer from low libido (sex drive) and think your hormones could be to blame? Our Erectile Dysfunction Blood Test is a discreet finger-prick blood test that examines the leading physical causes of erectile dysfunction, including raised cholesterol, diabetes, and low testosterone.


If you still aren't sure what test is right for you, try our test finder

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