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What happens to
progesterone levels when ovulating?

Typically, progesterone levels peak five days after ovulation and then decline. A progesterone test performed seven days before your next period is due can identify whether or not you have ovulated. If ovulation didn't happen, your progesterone levels will be lower than expected. If you become pregnant, your progesterone levels will continue to rise.

If you're planning a pregnancy, healthy progesterone levels are essential to prepare your womb lining. Therefore, our test is a helpful first step to look into your fertility.

Can a progesterone blood
test detect ovulation?

Our doctors can tell you whether your progesterone level was high enough for ovulation to have occurred. A borderline result may mean that the result is inconclusive, and we cannot say whether ovulation occurred. In these circumstances, we suggest repeating the test at a later date.

When should I test my
Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test?

We recommend you take this test seven days before your next period is due. If you don't have a regular cycle, aim to take it on the 21st day after the start of your last period.

What's included?

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Hormone phase Hormone phase is used to determine the appropriate range for hormone markers and is calculated using the date of last menstrual period and the date of the sample.
Progesterone Progesterone is a steroid hormone produced in the corpus luteum and the adrenal glands. Its main role is to prepare the body for and support a pregnancy. It is produced in increasing amounts in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Progesterone is normally tested on day 21 of your menstrual cycle to assess whether ovulation has taken place. Ê Although progesterone is considered a female hormone, men also produce progesterone in the adrenal glands and the testes. Progesterone in men plays a role in testosterone production.Ê

How to prepare
for your test

Special instructions

Prepare for your Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test by following these instructions. Take this test 7 days before your next period is due. It can be taken at any time if you are not having periods. Avoid taking your sample from a finger used to apply hormone gels/pessaries in the past 4 weeks. Use gloves to apply these. Do not take biotin supplements for two days before this test, discuss this with your doctor if it is prescribed.

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