Leila’s health story:

Leila (43) was struggling to conceive and was suspicious she was perimenopausal. After being dismissed by her GP, Medichecks was able to help in her fertility journey. Here’s her story:

“I'm currently trying to conceive, but I was convinced that I'm perimenopausal; so, I went to my GP for Day 3 testing. This is a test which assesses your reproductive hormones on cycle day 3 to determine egg production and ovarian reserve, which can affect your fertility.

My results came back as normal, but I still felt as if the levels weren't as they should be for my age. I arranged another GP appointment, but they refused to address my concerns and were quite dismissive in telling me that my cycles were most likely my ‘new normal.’

After discovering Medichecks through a fertility nutritionist on Instagram, I ordered the Day 3 Fertility Blood Test to investigate whether my results were consistent. I also wanted to view a full doctor’s report and interpretation of my results.

For me, seeing the Medichecks doctor confirm that my results showed signs of menopause literally made me breathe a sigh of relief. I wasn't making it up, I knew my body, and somebody agreed with my concerns.

The suggestion was to follow up with my own GP, but I haven’t done so as just knowing I was right has satisfied me to a certain degree.

I have since ordered the Ovulation Progesterone Blood Test to see if I am indeed ovulating or not, and these have been helpful. The dashboard is really easy to use, and although I’m within the normal range for progesterone, there was an additional note to say that it was borderline as to whether or not I was ovulating, or able to sustain a pregnancy.

Obviously, these were not the results I wanted whilst trying to conceive, but by doing these tests regularly, it's helping me to formulate a plan for the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Medichecks to others. It’s easy to search for the tests I want, and the kit has everything I need in there. It's straightforward to do the tests, although it often takes me a few attempts to get enough blood, but it's great that Medichecks provides additional lances.

I've found that the results are available quickly, and they are easy to understand. At first glance, the dashboard states whether or not your results are normal before you even click on to read the detailed interpretation.

The dashboard keeps all the results in one place, so it's easy to look back and compare. I have also been able to contact Medichecks with any queries with a fast response time which is hugely appreciated.”

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