Venous Tests

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Autoantibodies Profile 1 Blood Test

Test for autoantibodies in your blood, including: thyroid peroxidase, antinuclear, mitochondrial, smooth muscle, and gastric parietal cell

  • Results estimated in 5 working days
  • 6 biomarkers
Zika Virus Antibodies Blood Test (Flavivirus)

Check for a current or previous infection of the Zika virus

  • Results estimated in 14 working days
  • 2 biomarkers
Advanced Diet and Lifestyle with Omega 3 and 6 Blood Test

Gain valuable insights into the markers you can change through diet and lifestyle with our most advanced diet and lifestyle blood test, which includes an analysis of your omega fatty acids

  • Results estimated in 23 working days
  • 28 biomarkers
Bile Acids (Total) Blood Test

Measure the level of bile acids in your blood, which can be raised if you have liver disease

  • Results estimated in 9 working days
  • 1 biomarkers
Advanced Well Man Blood Test

Get one of our most advanced blood tests for men's health, which includes tests for diabetes, liver health, cholesterol status, testosterone, and vitamins for energy and wellbeing

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 44 biomarkers
Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

Get comprehensive health insights including checks for thyroid function, hormones, vitamins and minerals, and cholesterol

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 47 biomarkers
Advanced Sports Hormone Blood Test

Track your health and hormones with our Advanced Sports Hormone Blood Test

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 42 biomarkers
Leptin Blood Test

Leptin is often called a 'hunger hormone' because it regulates appetite by signalling to the brain that you have eaten enough food

  • Results estimated in 8 working days
  • 1 biomarkers