Extractable Nuclear Antibodies (ENA) Blood Test


Check for antibodies against extractable nuclear antigens (ENAs), which are often present with connective tissue diseases like lupus, Sjögren's syndrome, and scleroderma.  

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Extractable Nuclear Antibodies (ENA) Blood Test

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Anti CEN - P Antibodies

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Anti Jo1 Antibodies

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Anti La SS - B Antibodies

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Anti Ro SS - A Antibodies

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Anti Scl 70 Antibodies

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Anti Sm Antibodies

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Extractable nuclear antigen

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An extractable nuclear antigen (ENA) screen looks for the presence of one or more autoantibodies in the blood that react with proteins in the cell nucleus. Autoantibodies are produced when the immune system mistakenly targets and attacks the body's own tissues which can cause inflammation, tissue damage and symptoms associated with an autoimmune disorder. The results of an ENA screen can help to detect and distinguish between different autoimmune disorders.
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What tests are included?

This panel includes tests for different antibodies, including:

  • -Anti-RNP antibodies to detect mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)
  • -Anti-Sm antibodies for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  • -Anti-SS-A (Ro) and anti-SS-B (La) antibodies for Sjögren's syndrome
  • -Scl-70 antibodies for scleroderma (systemic sclerosis)
  • -Anti-Jo-1 for polymyositis

Titre levels are only provided for positive results.

Who should take this test?

This test is usually requested following a positive ANA test for people with signs and symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.

What is an ENA blood test?

Our Extractable Nuclear Antibodies (ENA) Blood Test detects the presence of one or more autoantibodies in the blood that react with proteins in the cell nucleus.

Limitations of the test

Read before you order:

A positive ENA result is suggestive but not conclusive for connective tissue disease. Your result should be interpreted alongside your symptoms, medical history, and other investigations. A false-positive result (a result that suggests connective tissue disease when there is none) is more common in people with other underlying autoimmune conditions. False-negative results are also possible, and usually occur in the early stages of disease when antibody levels are below detectable levels. An ENA blood test result can’t give information about current disease activity or the severity of the condition.

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