Tracey’s health story

Tracey (56) was fed up with having to wait for routine testing and wanted to be proactive about her health. Find out how Medichecks has supported her in gaining peace of mind. Here’s her story:

“A friend first introduced me to Medichecks when I was convinced that I had a thyroid problem. After clear results the previous year, my GP refused to test me again, so I ordered a Medichecks thyroid test which thankfully showed my results to be normal.

I do try to keep myself healthy through a balanced diet and supplements, but knowing my cholesterol was slightly high and aware of my family history, I wanted to keep an eye on my status. Again, my GP refused to test my cholesterol, telling me to wait for my 5-year medical, so I turned back to Medichecks.

I found a good offer on the Health and Lifestyle Blood Test, which included biomarkers for cholesterol, renal and vitamin D, so I opted for that.

My results included a doctor’s report which explained my levels, but also told me it was something to speak to my GP about. I quickly made an appointment and was informed there were signs of renal failure and that I would need to have more blood taken in 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, during this time, I contracted Covid-19 (I’m a nurse at an elderly end of life ward), so my bloods were delayed. Not wanting to wait, I took another Medichecks test instead. From tracking my status, I could see that I was showing renal improvement, which was comforting.

But knowing I still needed to improve my health further, I decided to change my diet. I’m now on a low-fat diet with less protein intake, and I take vitamin D and milk thistle supplements. I intend to check my status in 6 months to see if things have improved further.

I would highly recommend Medichecks; I believe that prevention is better than cure, and it’s only through blood checks that you find these things out. Unfortunately, in the UK, you have to wait until there is an illness before taking action, but I’d rather know beforehand and be able to change my status. I think it should be the norm to have yearly blood testing.

I hope my story has been as helpful as Medichecks’ blood tests have been for me.”

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