Rosemary’s health story

Rosemary (64) was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2017. However, following a very brief explanation from her GP, she still knew nothing about the condition. Here’s her story:

“I left the GP not being given any information about hypothyroidism, and despite taking the prescribed medication, I still continued to experience symptoms of tiredness, aching limbs, inability to lose weight, memory problems, and hair loss.

The GP kept attributing my symptoms to my age which I was really unhappy with! So, I decided to investigate it for myself. I joined the British Thyroid Foundation and searched the Thyroid UK forum. From this, I felt a lot more educated on the topic and was pointed towards Medichecks’ extensive test range.

The local health centre refused to do more than very basic blood, but I was so tired of feeling ill, in spite of my blood tests being 'in range' every time, that I was desperate to find out more.

I bought the Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test, and my results revealed that I had deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals. I was able to take supplements following the Medichecks doctor’s advice, and my symptoms quickly improved.

I'll continue to use the Medichecks blood tests at regular intervals, to monitor my health and make sure it is as good as it can be… for my age!”

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