Rachel’s health story

Rachel (38) discovered Medichecks via an online search. She decided to find a blood test as she was getting increasingly concerned about her health and wellbeing. Here is her story.

I read some of the reviews for Medichecks and felt that it was a company that was recommended by many people. This encouraged me to dig deeper and look at the services Medichecks offer. I decided to take the Advanced Well Woman Blood Test because, even after suffering unexplained symptoms, my own GP did not offer me a blood test. I booked into a local clinic to provide my blood sample.

My symptoms consisted of chronic fatigue and no amount of sleep made me feel refreshed. I also had chronic headaches almost every day that were very painful. I was experiencing brain fog, blocked ears, tinnitus, anxiety, dizziness and fainting, shortness of breath and just really not feeling myself at all. My symptoms led to me taking time off work and now I have left my job completely.

The Medichecks blood test showed that I was mildly anaemic but also vitamin D deficient. What’s more, my blood test revealed I had signs of some sort of infection. When I showed the results to my GP, they decided to carry out their own blood tests.

By this point, the blood tests revealed that I was now extremely iron deficient, anaemic and vitamin D deficient. In fact, the lab results came back far worse than the Medichecks one I initially did. Because of Medichecks test, my GP has been able to establish an action plan. I am awaiting an iron infusion and having further investigations into what is causing my anaemia.

The service that I received from Medichecks was fantastic, reliable, and easy. I received my results in depth the following week. The doctor’s notes were very helpful, and it gave me the confidence to return to my GP after several unhelpful visits.

I would definitely recommend Medichecks - even if it’s to give you peace of mind that you are healthy. I would not have still been sat here twelve months later if I had not sought help through Medichecks. It is important to take charge of your health as you know your body more than anyone! Trust yourself. Don’t feel like it’s a waste of money. Because if you have had problems like me, it’s priceless!

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