Kevin’s health story

Kevin (41) found Medichecks after a quick Google search and decided to give us a go as we had strong reviews and solid credentials around test accuracy.

“I’ve taken a number of tests over the years and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process and feel like I’m even more on top of my health. When you get in range results it provides reassurance, and out of range results provide something to take a look at and usually something useful to work on. 

I think it’s really important that we choose to pay attention to our health and know our numbers. Everyone is required to MOT their car every year, yet how many of us put the same effort into knowing our own core health numbers?

The Health and Lifestyle Check Blood Test allows me to keep an eye on a variety of key metrics, including liver function and cholesterol. As a male over 40, it’s also a good idea to periodically take a look at your prostate (PSA) score. Mine is just fine, however, by getting that done periodically I know I’ll spot any change early when interventions are easy. 

Medichecks has the option to have your results reviewed by a doctor and they do a great job of providing a useful and easily understood interpretation of the results. 

I’ve made a number of lifestyle and supplement changes which have helped me to improve my cholesterol and uric acid levels over the years. I’ve also been able to make diet changes to help with vitamin and mineral absorption, an issue flagged up in a test I did with Medichecks a few years back. That has made a tangible difference to my energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

All in all, Medichecks is a great companion as it helps me to stay proactive, relaxed and in control of my health.”

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