John's health story

John (60) has stopped competitive bodybuilding but still wants to maintain his health and fitness levels. Find out how he continues to use Medichecks to optimise his overall wellbeing. Here’s his story:

“I have been interested in sports and fitness from a very early age. I started playing football during my school years and later discovered martial arts when I was 14, going on to win The National Championship.

While training for this, I also became interested in weight training and bodybuilding. I began competitive bodybuilding in my mid-20s and continued into my 50s. I recently turned 60 and am very proud of winning the British and European Bodybuilding Championships. 

After I stopped competing, I still continued to train but focused more on health and longevity. My annual medical at work surprised me when my blood test results revealed my markers were outside the normal range. I thought that since I trained and ate healthily, everything would return fine! But with less than optimum results, I started to research how I could improve my health.

That’s when I discovered Medichecks! Out of all the companies available, Medichecks has the best array of blood tests at very competitive prices. I have taken numerous Medichecks tests and have never been disappointed by the level of service and customer care that I received.

I usually start by having a general overall blood test, which the  Well Man Blood Test is perfect for. It’s an entry-level male health check with tests for liver and kidney function, heart health and diabetes as well as testosterone.

If the general test highlights any areas that need improvement, I can alter my diet and add any relevant supplements. I then retest the specific markers that previously needed addressing to see if they have improved.

Some issues I’ve had in the past include high LDL and Ferritin levels, and low HDL. These are asymptomatic, so without this blood test, I would have never known that something was wrong.

I recommend everyone doing regular blood tests, especially as you age so that you can be proactive about your own health; Medichecks is by far the best company to do this with.”

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