Janice’s health story

Janice (76) was infected with Lyme disease shortly before the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s her story:

"At the end of summer 2019, I was bitten by an infected Tick. I’ve had previous experience removing Tick’s safely, but I was unaware this one was there and must have accidentally brushed it off. A small, itchy spot appeared at the top of my thigh and over the coming months, the redness spread.

Without a clear diagnosis, my doctor prescribed a short course of antibiotics, but by winter, I felt as if I had the flu - my whole body ached. After a return visit, the doctor suggested physiotherapy, but I knew this still wasn’t the answer.

My husband was becoming increasingly concerned, and eventually, we discovered Medichecks. I ordered the Lyme Disease (elisa) Blood Test to investigate my concerns.

I was very impressed with the prompt delivery, and my results quickly confirmed the disease; satisfaction at last.

Medichecks’ diagnosis has helped me to improve my diet, and I have increased my supplements to help with a potentially low immune system.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve had to keep isolated at home, but usually, I'm very fit and active. I had even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro not too long ago.

This test certainly made me sit up and think; I never expected to be so ill over one small bite. I now recognise my bad days and learn not to fight it.

Thank you Medichecks for your help as my GP seemed to dismiss my problems, as though old age was inevitable.”

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