Dave's health story

Dave (46) discovered Medichecks after his wife was researching private blood testing facilities. He was very impressed by our clinics’ accessibility and high ratings online. Here’s his story:

“I had previously been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), but I also struggled with my weight and persistent fatigue. I tried for over a year to improve my symptoms, but things seemed to be getting worse.

After a GP refused to test me for a thyroid imbalance, I decided to opt for Medichecks’ private testing, hoping to gain peace of mind and finally get some answers.

I decided to purchase the Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test, but unexpectedly, my results showed no thyroid issues. Instead, they highlighted that I had deficiencies in other areas.

I followed it up with the Advanced Well Man Blood Test. This is an advanced health check for men that examines multiple biomarkers, including liver health, diabetes, cholesterol, testosterone, and vitamins.

The results of the two tests together enabled me to make decisions regarding my lifestyle.

I used both my results to create a new diet and exercise regime; I also started taking vitamins to manage my deficiencies. Not only have I managed to lose weight, but I also feel a lot better about myself. Despite not receiving the initial results I expected, I’m glad I no longer have to worry about my health.

A diagnosis, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, is better than years of not knowing. I would not hesitate to use Medichecks again and have bought tests for my wife. The service you receive when having blood taken is fantastic, and the comprehensive, fast reports are easy to read and reassuring.

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