Beverley's health story

Beverley (66) was becoming concerned about her lifestyle, so used one of our wellness tests to investigate. Here’s her story:

I have been using Medichecks' tests for around ten years. I find the results really easy to understand, and they support my insurance claims.

I’ve struggled with problem skin for years, but after a Medichecks test revealed a vitamin imbalance, I’ve managed to take vitamin D supplements and cleared my skin completely!

However, recently, I’ve become more concerned about my lifestyle, particularly my alcohol consumption, so I wanted to investigate the effects it could be having on my body.

I didn’t feel confident talking to a doctor about my concerns so opted for private testing. It provides me with direct, confidential results which I can improve on from the comfort of my home.

I ordered the Advanced Well Woman Blood Test, an advanced health check for women. It includes tests for thyroid function, female hormones as well as vitamins and minerals for energy and long-term health.

After receiving my results, the Medichecks' doctor advised me to reduce my alcohol intake, and I’ve managed to do so successfully.

I’ve used multiple Medichecks tests and find the results are far more comprehensive than those which I receive from my own doctors! I’ve taken measures to improve various aspects of my health and am easily able to follow the Medichecks’ doctor’s advice (even cutting down on cheese when I love cheese).

Medichecks has become a way of life for me!

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