Anonymous health story

This customer heard about Medichecks in their gym. They did not get the answers they wanted from their GP, so decided to investigate themselves through blood testing.

I am a bodybuilder/fitness enthusiast and like to keep a close eye on my health through regular blood tests. I have personally been taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for years but was not experiencing any symptoms - but, as I said, I like to be proactive about my health.

Most of the Medichecks tests I take come back with all of my markers in the normal range – this is reassuring. The only results I have had out of range were creatine kinase and some kidney health markers. I was aware that these levels can be difficult to properly gauge in males who train intensely because high body weight, weight training and creatine supplementation can artificially inflate results.

Therefore, it becomes more important than ever to monitor my blood and gauge how things progress, regress, or stay the same. One single isolated blood test (albeit important) is only a screenshot of a much complex jigsaw - so it is useful to track changes in your health over time.

I took three steps to improve my health: I took an over-the-counter supplement. I improved my intake of electrolytes to improve my hydration and kidney health. I slightly reduced my protein intake (some people say that this is debatable, but it was worth a try).

After making these changes, I feel just as good as I felt before. Now I need to take another test to see if the changes I undertook have been successful. I wasn't expecting to feel any major difference. Still, before the need to add prescription medications, I would much rather try supplements and make dietary and lifestyle changes where they are needed.

Medichecks’ service was effective, fast, simple. When I received the doctor commentary on my results, it was always sensible, rationale, and not scaremongering.

My personal opinion is that a provider like Medichecks offers a great service for every person who wants to take charge of his own health. This is particularly true for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts whose necessities are often overlooked. All those things considered, I absolutely (and I already do) recommend Medichecks to anyone I have the chance to speak with regarding their health.

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