Aara’s health story

I found out about Medichecks after a simple quick google search. I was curious to see if there were any Blood Tests you could do at home, which could detect early pregnancy and to my surprise Medichecks popped up.

Myself and my husband started our fertility journey at the beginning of this year. We were very lucky to get pregnant on the first try. Unfortunately this sadly ended in an early miscarriage. As you can imagine this really hit us emotionally, it did however encourage us to change our lifestyle, improve our health and focus on our wellbeing.

I decided to take a Medichecks Ovulation Progesterone Blood test. I wanted to make sure there were not any issues with my ovulation. Got my results back within 2 working days and found out everything was fine. The Dr gave me very detailed information on my progesterone levels. 

My husband took the Male Fertility test, those results came back okay however his testosterone levels were quite low and he had high prolactin levels. Again the Medichecks Dr gave us very detailed information on what to do to improve this. This really helped my husband make some big changes! He focused on trying to relax more, exercising more regularly and during the lockdown where the balance of work from home was always challenging - he made some adjustments to his working schedule so that he was in top heath. One of the big things was getting lots of sleep as well, and reducing screen time. 

Vitamin D, I understand is linked to better fertility. As I have darker skin, I understand that it doesn't absorb into the skin as much therefore we have to spend longer in the Sun. I just had a feeling mine would be low, so I decided to do the Vitamin D (OH 25) blood test. Got my results back and I was told my levels are at the low end of the normal range. I was given suggestions by the Dr e.g. which fortified foods I should eat and supplement with 400 - 800 iu of vitamin D per day for twelve weeks. This was incredibly helpful.

After 3 cycles, we found out we were pregnant again! I had a lot of anxiety at the time as I was frightened this would also end in a miscarriage again. I was taking pregnancy tests every day to ensure it was getting darker. With the clear blue digital test, it only goes as far as detecting 3 weeks of pregnancy. I then remembered that Medichecks does a Pregnancy Progress Blood test which detects HCG and your progesterone levels. I already had a Pregnancy Blood Test from them which I had ordered beforehand. I decided to take this to give me some sort of reassurance to know my HCG levels are rising. When I got my results back I was really chuffed to see my levels had doubled as they should! Honestly the relief was amazing. I could finally just relax and take each day as it comes.

I would 100% recommend Medichecks to my friends and family, they have already ordered some blood tests! It really did help me and my husband make some serious lifestyle changes. Your health is so important. Just what we needed to improve our health and wellbeing.

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