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Health Checks

Our comprehensive range of health screens and health checks have been designed to give you a clear picture of your current state of health. Health screens provide you with the opportunity to identify any risks to your future health by detecting underlying diseases and medical conditions that would otherwise not show symptoms for some time.

Key Health Checks


A great entry-level health check with tests for liver and kidney function, diabetes, cholesterol, bone health, gout and iron.

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A comprehensive health screen which provides valuable insights into your current state of health. Includes tests for diabetes, iron, cholesterol, inflammation...

Best Seller

An essential male health screen which includes liver and kidney function, cholesterol, red and white blood cells as well a PSA test for prostate cance...

Best Seller

An essential female health screen which includes liver and kidney function, cholesterol, red and white blood cells as well a CA-125 test for ovarian cancer....


Everything in the Essential Blood Test plus thyroid function tests TSH and T4 as well as key nutrients vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folate.

£149 £119

Everything in the Well Man Check, this profile also includes an advanced prostate profile, thyroid function, testosterone, ferritin and important nutritional...

£149 £119

Everything in the Well Woman Check, this profile also includes thyroid function, female hormones FSH, LH and oestradiol as well as ferritin, vitamin B12,...


A panel of 5 key tests which are designed to assess your risks for some of the UK's leading causes of premature death. Includes FREE Full Blood Count,...

About Health Checks

Some people take our health checks because they have general symptoms that they want investigating, and others simply want the reassurance that gaining comprehensive insight into their health provides. All of our health screens include different tests, however all do evaluate and asses the body's major organ functions and examine cholesterol levels.

A regular Health Check will give you vital insight into what is "normal" for you on a wide range of different health markers and therefore help you and your doctor to identify any changes in the future that could be indicate underlying problems. Once the blood test had been completed, our health advisors will provide you with valuable lifestyle recommendations based on a combination of the results of your health screen, and your completed medical history questionnaire.

Why have a Health Check?

You don't need to feel unwell or have symptoms to benefit from a thorough Health Check - many of the conditions we test for have no symptoms in the early stages.  If caught early enough, many conditions can be easily treated through lifestyle changes and/or medication. Our Health checks are designed to give you the knowledge to take control of your future health and wellbeing.

Symptoms of Health Checks

Most people who undergo a health check have no underlying symptoms. Others may have a vague feeling of being "out-of-sorts" and want to check that this is not symptomatic of any underlying health condition.