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Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male characteristics. Low testosterone is a common problem for men, especially in middle age, and can affect libido, mood, and muscle mass.

Testosterone is a hormone that causes male characteristics. For men, it regulates sex drive and controls bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength and the production of red blood cells and sperm. Heavy alcohol consumption, liver disease and steroid use can all negatively affect testosterone levels. Testosterone levels naturally decline after the age of 30. 

Women taking oestrogen therapy, however, may exibit increased testosterone levels.

This blood test checks for abnormal levels of testosterone, which may affect sexual libido, erectile problems and infertility in men and may promote male characteristics in women such as excessive hair.

Who is this blood test for

This blood test is for men and women who want to determine their testosterone levels. It is also useful for men suffering from erectile problems, infertility or delayed puberty.

For men, high testosterone levels are rare with most problems caused by low testosterone. Symptoms can include decreased sex drive, erectile problems, infertility, low muscle mass or delayed puberty.

Low levels of testosterone in women can cause lack of libido, whereas raised levels can cause infertility, along with high levels of body hair.

What's included

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is produced in the testicles of men and, in much smaller amounts, in the ovaries of women. It is responsible for bone and muscle strength, as well as mood, energy and sexual function. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, so that raised testosterone in men is unusual. A testosterone test is more likely to discover low levels.

In women, raised testosterone can result in male characteristics such as more body hair, more bulk, a deeper voice and acne - all symptoms of polycystic ovaries.

In men (and to some extent, women) low testosterone levels can affect, mood, sleep, energy levels, muscle mass and libido.

We will send you your Testosterone finger-prick blood and sample collection kit which contains everything you need to take your blood and sample in the comfort of your own home. If you are unsure about completing a finger-prick blood sample collection you will have the opportunity to select a clinic-based venous blood sample collection or choose to go our London laboratory during the checkout process.

Your Testosterone includes 1st class postage and packaging for you to send your blood and sample directly to our laboratory for analysis. If you live in an area where you cannot rely on the post or you simply want to ensure that your sample arrives at the laboratory the following day, you may wish to send your blood and sample guaranteed next day delivery for extra reassurance.

Your blood and sample will be analysed at one of our chosen laboratories. You can be assured of fast, accurate results from one of our accredited independent providers of clinical diagnostic tests.
Once you have placed your order you will receive login details to where you can manage your account, track your orders and view your Testosterone results in your own personal dashboard.
Our medical team will comment on out-of-range blood and results and give you follow-up advice where necessary. If you need it, a PDF copy of your Testosterone results can be downloaded for your doctor. Want a hard-copy report? You will be given the opportunity to order one during the checkout process.

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