Female Hormone Blood Test Buying Guide

Hormone blood testing can shine a light on symptoms like feeling tired all the time and weight gain. But which hormone blood test is right for you?

Hormones affect everything from your weight to your mood and energy levels. If you’re experiencing symptoms that you think may be hormone-related, a blood test can help you find the answers. Testing can also give you a better understanding of your hormone health, so you take steps to improve your general wellness. But which test should you choose?

Our guide takes the confusion out of buying a hormone test. It covers the different types of hormone tests for women and what they can tell you about your health.

In this guide, we cover our bestselling female hormone blood tests:

  1. Female Hormone Blood Test
  2. Advanced Female Hormone Blood Test 
  3. Menopause Blood Test 
  4. Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Why are hormones important?

Hormones help regulate many of the body’s systems. They play an important role in fertility, metabolism, mood, and even your sleep quality. So, when things get out of sync, it can lead to wide-ranging symptoms.

Some hormones fluctuate significantly, such as oestrogen and progesterone during pregnancy or the menstrual cycle. Others, like testosterone and cortisol, tend to be more stable.

Why buy a hormone blood test?

A private blood test is a quick and easy way to check whether your hormone levels are within the normal range. It helps you explore whether a hormonal imbalance could be contributing to your symptoms. A change to your periods, weight gain (or finding it difficult to lose weight), hair loss, and low energy can all be signs of a hormonal imbalance.

A hormone blood test can also help you be more proactive about your overall health by helping to pinpoint any potential problems. This can help you take steps to improve your health, sometimes with simple lifestyle changes like managing stress and taking more exercise.

What are the different types of hormone blood tests? 

We offer tests for single hormones, such as our Follicle Hormone-Stimulating (FSH) Blood Test, to comprehensive hormone profile tests that check major female hormones, thyroid hormones, and more.


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The right test for you will depend on your reason for taking a test. Here’s a rundown of our most popular female hormone blood tests to help you make the right choice.

1. Female Hormone Blood Test

Our at-home Female Hormone Blood Test measures your levels of female and thyroid hormones, which help to regulate fertility, mood, and energy. 

Why take this test? 

  • Check whether a hormonal imbalance or thyroid condition may be causing symptoms like hormonal acne, weight gain, or tiredness.
  • Explore whether a hormonal imbalance could be affecting your fertility. 
  • Track your hormone levels and see how they change over time, with regular testing.

2. Advanced Female Hormone Blood Test

This advanced hormone profile includes male and female hormones, a full thyroid function test, plus thyroid antibodies. 

Why take this test? 

  • Check whether a hormone imbalance could be causing symptoms such as heavy periods, weight gain, and mood swings. 
  • Explore whether a hormone imbalance could be affecting your fertility.
  • Investigate whether the cause of your symptoms is thyroid-related and if a thyroid autoimmune condition could be to blame. 

3. Menopause Blood Test

Our home Menopause Blood Test  measures levels of key female hormones, such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinising hormone (LH), and oestradiol.

FSH levels increase when women’s egg production declines, so testing can help determine if you’re likely going through menopause. 

Why take this test? 

  • Assess the likelihood that you’re menopausal — if you’re between the ages of 45 and 55, a doctor would typically diagnose menopause based on symptoms alone. However, if there’s any uncertainty, or if you’re under 45 and suspect you’re going through menopause early, this test can help determine your menopausal status.
  • Explore whether a thyroid condition could be responsible for your symptoms — menopause and thyroid problems share similar symptoms and are often mistaken for one another.
  • Investigate menopause-related symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, and erratic periods.

4. Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Our Ultimate Performance Blood Test covers several valuable markers if you want an advanced hormone panel, along with an assessment of your thyroid function, sports performance, and nutrition.

It covers key female sex hormones, plus prolactin and cortisol. There's also a check for testosterone, which plays a role in sex drive, muscle mass, fertility, and mood. And your testosterone-to-cortisol ratio gives a good indication of recovery after intense exercise.

If you want to improve your fitness or sports performance, this advanced test covers several valuable markers. These include your testosterone-to-cortisol ratio, which gives a good indication of recovery after intense exercise.

Why take this test? 

  • Explore several lines of enquiry for your symptoms, including a hormonal imbalance, thyroid condition, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Get detailed insights into your health, which can help you take steps to reach your fitness goals or simply improve your general health and wellbeing.
  • Track your progress with regular testing as you fine tune your diet and fitness or make other positive changes.

How to take a hormone blood test 

Most of our at-home female hormone tests can be taken with a simple finger-prick test kit. Advanced tests, such as our Female Hormone and Advanced Female Hormone Blood Tests, require a venous blood sample (taken from a vein in your arm). 

You still have the option to take a venous test at home by arranging a nurse visit. Alternatively, you can book an appointment at one of our partner clinics or make your own arrangements.

Three simple steps to taking your finger-prick blood test: 

  1. Collect your sample with our easy-to-use finger-prick test kit. 
  2. Post your sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope provided. 
  3. View your results securely on your online dashboard, alongside a detailed doctor’s report, with advice and any next steps. 

Find out more about how our blood testing service works.

When to take a hormone blood test

It’s usually best to take a blood test first thing in the morning, as hormone levels can change as the day goes on.

However, the best time of day to take a test can vary. So, always follow the special instructions for your test. You will get this information once you’ve placed your order.  

Still unsure which test to choose? 

If you’re still not sure which test is right for you, try our test finder or contact our friendly customer care team — we’re always happy to help.  

We also have test buying guides for Fertility Tests and Thyroid Tests.

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