Clinic visit blood test

If you are ordering a test that requires a venous blood sample, you will need to have your blood taken by a healthcare professional. This can be done at one of our partner clinics nationwide.

Some of our partner clinics require an appointment, some operate a walk-in service and others hold test kits at the clinic. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email from Medichecks which includes special instructions about taking your test and information about your chosen clinic.

    Order your test online
  1. Order your test online

    Select your chosen test and the clinic that you’d like to have your sample taken when you checkout on


    Once we’ve processed your order, we’ll send you all the details of how to book your clinic visit - please do not call the clinic directly until you have placed your order with us.


    Looking for something else? View all available clinics, find out how to order a test for someone else or, if you need help choosing a test, use our helpful test finder.


    Book your clinic visit
  2. Book your clinic visit

    Once your order has been processed you will receive an email from Medichecks. This will tell you if:

    1. You need to make an appointment at your chosen clinic – some of our clinics are walk-in and don’t require an appointment;

    2. We are going to send you a test kit in the post – some of our clinics already hold test kits and if you choose one of these, we don’t need to send one out to you.

    If we tell you that your chosen clinic holds test kits, please go to step 4 below.

    The email may also contain special instructions about when to take your test – e.g. some tests must be taken in the morning. Please read these carefully before booking an appointment.

    Wait for your kit to arrive before attending the clinic
  3. Wait for your kit to arrive before attending the clinic

    If your clinic does not hold test kits we will send you everything they need to collect your sample.

    Collect your sample
  4. Collect your sample

    Visit your selected clinic to have your blood drawn. If we have sent you a test kit make sure you take it with you.

    Post your sample
  5. Post your sample

    The healthcare professional will give you your sample to post. Make sure you send it on the same day you take it using the freepost envelope in your kit.

    Please make a note of the Royal Mail tracking number so that you can track your sample. You can find this number under the barcode on the postage sticker inside your kit. Click here to track your item on the Royal Mail website.

    Complete your profile
  6. Complete your profile

    Sign in to to answer a few simple questions about your medical history, lifestyle profile, and vital statistics.

    Get your results
  7. Get your results

    Your blood test results will be uploaded to your personal dashboard, along with comments and advice from one of our doctors. They'll include explanations and recommendations on the best next steps to improve your health.

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