Richard’s health story

Richard (53) hadn’t been feeling like himself for a while; fatigue and muscle aches were taking a toll on his daily life. Here’s his story:

"Medichecks was recommended to me by a friend in late 2019. At this point, I wasn't feeling myself and had been suffering from bouts of fatigue with longer than usual recovery times after exercise.

I was attracted to the Advanced Well Man Blood Test as it would offer a comprehensive overview of my general health and hopefully highlight areas which could be improved.

The wide array of results were reassuring apart from my Vitamin D and B12 levels, which were both insufficient. Subsequently, I have been taking liquid Vitamin D and B12 supplements and have felt so much better in all respects.

I followed up with the Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test. This simple test is vital for strong bones, healthy immune function and mood.

Having just received the results, I am delighted to confirm my levels are very healthy, giving me a real boost to my wellbeing and confidence going forward during challenging times. So, thank you Medichecks!”

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