Rebecca’s health story

Rebecca (39) was looking for blood tests to monitor a condition and her friend recommended Medichecks.

This is Rebecca’s story:

“I knew that several tests would be difficult to access unless I looked for them privately.

My friend recommended Medichecks and I chose the Advanced Health and Lifestyle Blood Test. Due to a chronic condition, I had been advised to actively monitor certain health markers and this test offered me a range of checks in a single sample.

In particular, I was interested in my cholesterol and liver function, as a doctor had flagged these as important areas to improve and monitor.

Following my Medichecks test, I started a healthy eating programme and increased my daily activity by walking more frequently and for longer distances.

After three months of making healthier lifestyle choices, I re-took the Health and Lifestyle Blood Test and was thrilled to see that my cholesterol and liver biomarkers were back in the healthy range.

If it hadn’t been for Medichecks I wouldn’t be in the healthy state I am now!

I always feel reassured because the Medichecks’ doctors are thorough in their interpretation and in giving recommendations. In addition, Medichecks’ customer care team are extremely helpful with any queries – in fact, the customer care team have helped me out twice during lockdown when services were not running as normal. This was extremely reassuring.

I just want to say a big thank you to Medichecks for playing such a crucial role in my recovery from Chronic Lyme disease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone and have always recommended them to my family and friends.”

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