Ian's health story

Ian (83) has multiple serious health conditions, find out how he uses Medichecks to monitor and improve his wellbeing. Here’s his story:

"I've been using Medichecks for a very long time, ever since my previous laboratory recommended it. I have three conditions that I need to monitor regularly – cancer, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hypertension.

I use the Essential Blood Test because it includes a fairly comprehensive set of molecular biomarkers that cover my relevant needs, mainly creatinine, blood lipids, inflammation, proteins, and the immune system.

Using these results along with others I do (blood pressure, urine test-strips, etc.), I can check for correlations with my daily records over the years and make judgements from these as to which things to change. Using the precautionary principle that it is best to assume such correlations are reflective of causation, I alter my lifestyle.

After receiving my results, I’ve virtually stopped drinking alcohol, reduced my intake of red/processed meat and cow’s milk, and I’ve increased my vegetable intake. My nephrologist is impressed with my kidney improvement, and I now no longer need the previous regular check-ups. It's now stable and non-life-threatening, having previously been critical. My cholesterol levels are also no longer of concern to my GP. I control my inflammation, which can be dangerous for my cancer if it increases; by monitoring my Hb1AC for sugar control and iron status for red cell functioning.

I no longer have symptoms of illness, though I realise my silent dangers of cancer, CKD, and hypertension are there, so I will continue to use Medichecks to monitor them.

I would recommend Medichecks to others. The tests are cost-effective and give me peace of mind. I can know my illnesses’ status without constantly bothering the NHS. The knowledge I gain is invaluable to ensuring that I can continue in relatively good health at 83.

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