Deb's health story

Deb (70) discovered Medichecks after searching for accessible finger-prick tests to monitor her chronic health conditions. Here’s her story:

“I discovered Medichecks when I was browsing online looking for companies which offered finger-prick tests. I’ve used other home-testing companies in the past and find it much more convenient than trying to find a phlebotomist.

I am coeliac and have various malabsorption problems (particularly minerals) which I need to keep track of. I've also had cancer several times and had my thyroid removed, so need to keep an eye on several health issues.

I ordered the Advanced Well Woman Blood Test as I want to maintain my active lifestyle. It provides an advanced health check for women, including tests for thyroid function, female hormones as well as vitamins and minerals. I'm slim and active (I go hiking in the Alps, even though I'm 70 years old), I swim regularly and enjoy vigorous games of table tennis. I was a professional musician until I retired, but I still play the piano and the viola in chamber groups and orchestras.

I’m sure the reason I’m doing so well in spite of my medical history is because I’ve taken responsibility for my own health outcomes, and a big part of this is having enough information.

This is where home blood tests come in. Understandably, the NHS cannot afford to provide regular tests to check nutrition, liver function, kidney function etc. It also does not offer a thorough enough thyroid assessment for outpatients.

I’ve used a number of other companies which provide home tests now, and none of them can compete with Medichecks in my opinion. They offer a wide range of tests, have an excellent and very informative website, and (hallelujah!) someone who answers the phone. What’s not to like?

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