Charlotte’s health story

Charlotte is a full-time mum to two young children, so her life is already pretty hectic. To add to this, over the last 3 years her body had undergone a lot of changes and stress. After taking the Iron Blood Test and Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test Charlotte regained control over her health. In her own words, “these two tests changed my life”. This is Charlottes story…

“After a traumatic birth involving a haemorrhage, I began to feel unwell. I experienced a whole host of symptoms including fatigue, heavy constant periods, extreme hair loss, brain fog, sensitivity to the cold and fragile, brittle nails.  

A GP test revealed that I had an underactive thyroid but after taking medication to treat it, I still felt poorly. More tests revealed I had a Vitamin B12 deficiency which I am now receiving treatment for.

After speaking with others in my Thyroid and Vitamin B12 communities, I became aware of other nutrients which can be linked to thyroid issues, such as Iron and Vitamin D. My GP wouldn’t offer me these tests and I discovered the private tests which Medichecks offer.  

I ordered both the Iron Blood Test and Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test. The tests were delivered the next working day – which is super impressive! The process of taking a finger prick blood test was a stress-free experience because the instructions are so clear and detailed. I also find that the information on the Medichecks website is so accurate, such as the turn-around-time for each test.

My Medichecks tests revealed that both my Iron and Vitamin D levels were on the lower end of the healthy range, and therefore dietary changes and perhaps a nutritional supplement were needed to get my levels back into a healthy range.

Since taking these tests, I now regularly use the Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test to monitor my thyroid function. I take this test alongside NHS blood tests as they offer a fuller picture. The Medichecks Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test measures TSH, FT3, FT4 and antibodies, whereas the NHS only measures my TSH level.

The Medichecks Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test allows me to understand how my body is accepting medication, whether it is the correct dosage and whether my body is using the medication to its full advantage.  

Medichecks blood tests have enabled me to get all my medications and supplements in place to make my life a little easier. Of course I still have ups and downs which mean I must tweak certain things, but as a whole Medichecks tests have enabled me to feel in control of my illnesses and lead a little bit more of a normal lifestyle. In addition, My Medichecks results have given me the knowledge to visit my GP with confidence.

The wide range of different tests which Medichecks offer is amazing. I will continue using them to monitor all of my illnesses and ensure I maintain my health at optimum levels.

Medichecks is a company to shout from the rooftop about. So I have and always will recommend Medichecks to all of my family, friends and people in my social media communities to help them get a grip of their own health.

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