Boots Hep B

Who we are

Medichecks is all about your health. Whether you want to feel better, exercise harder or live longer, we're here to help. We want to empower everyone to take charge of their health with simple personal blood checks.

Why is this test for you?

You or your staff have completed a full course of Hep B immunisations and are now looking to confirm immunity or are retesting after an additional dose or booster to check immunity levels.

Ways to get blood checks for your employees

  1. Voucher code - finger prick test

    Receive unique voucher codes to distribute to your employees. Employee orders test through and receives results through secure portal

  2. Bulk kit order - finger prick test

    We send finger test kits to you to distribute to employees. Employee uses a code on the kit to link themselves to the kit. They receive their results through a secure portal

  3. Nurse onsite - Venous test

    We will arrange a nurse to come onsite to offer a phlebotomy service for your employees. Employees book an appointment through the Medichecks booking system

Average turnaround time to receive test results is 2 working days.

Price per check £42.88

For onsite nurse visits half and full day rates apply, please contact us for more information.

Credit services will be available subject to credit checking.

Email your request to