Anonymous health story

This customer discovered Medichecks through some Instagram Ambassadors. Find out what they thought about our service, here’s their story:

“I found out about Medichecks through Instagram; I follow TMCycles and Josh Bridgman, who are both ambassadors for the brand. They recommended the Sports Hormone Blood Test for overall health and a general check-up.

This test also checks many key performance hormones and is a good profile for strength trainers.

My results showed my lipids are low, which could either be through poor diet or genetics. I’ve added some fish oil supplements and now try to avoid as many saturated fats as possible to help with my lipids.

After my positive experience, I will continue biannual check-ups just for general health and peace of mind.

I highly recommend Medichecks - the customer service is great, the doctors are helpful when explaining each issue, and it’s reasonably cheap for the amount of information you find out!

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