Ann’s health story

Ann’s thyroid journey started in 2005. She was responding well to her medication, and her symptoms were stable. But, in July 2018 she started to experience hair loss, and knew she needed to investigate. Here is her story:

I was stable on levothyroxine until July 2018 when I noticed receding and shedding hair - panic! I arranged an appointment with a GP who gave me a thyroid test. I was surprised to hear that my results were “all in range”. When I mentioned hair loss, he said “your ferritin’s a bit low - you could try some iron”.  And that was that… no prescription or advice on how much I should take.

I rarely visit the doctor, so I wasn’t very assertive in that situation and wasn’t thinking clearly. I knew I was symptomatic with fatigue, very dry skin, hives and hair loss.  I tried to raise that at a further appointment, each symptom was dismissed as nothing to do with my thyroid. They said it could be a number of things… it all seemed very vague.

I started my own investigations and stumbled on Thyroid UK and their associated forum - Health Unlocked. This was a goldmine of information and helpful suggestions for me to try. It also listed private companies for blood tests.

Before using Medichecks, I had no idea of the importance of good levels of vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate and ferritin. Medichecks was easy to use, comprehensive and extremely efficient. I had been taking an iron supplement (a rather high dose), and when my first test came back I discovered my ferritin level was over range. I promptly stopped supplementing this on the advice it could be harmful.

My last test indicated that my folate levels were low and the doctors gave some advice on what gives a good supply of this naturally through the diet. I never thought I’d be doing it - but I am now having liver once a week!

It’s been a learning journey and I will be ever grateful that Thyroid UK and Medichecks helped me to take control of my health. I also know how important it is to optimise health. I would recommend Medichecks for their thorough, easy to use, service but also Thyroid UK for so much helpful advice.

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