Andy's health story

Andy (64) became worried about an underlying health issue when his athletic performance began to deteriorate. Find out how he used Medichecks to gain peace of mind, here’s his story:

“My problems started in 2018 when I had to pull out halfway through a cross country race. I’m a competitive athlete but I felt like I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, and after forty years of running, I knew something was not right.

A GP blood test showed my vitamin D levels were borderline critically low, so I began taking supplements. After a second test, my levels had only just moved to ‘adequate,’ which was far short of the optimal results I wanted.

I continued taking my supplements, but my running was still well under par. By this point, the GP was refusing anymore blood tests and told me I was fine, despite my complaints about my reduced athletic performance.

I opted for private testing and was drawn to Medichecks after seeing their online offers. One of their telephone advisors recommended the Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test and my experience could not have been easier.

The test arrived the next morning with very clear instructions, and my online results were available just days after posting my sample. Surprisingly, my vitamin D levels were now quite healthy but since my running was still not optimal, I decided to continue investigating.

This time I ordered the Fitness Blood Test as it seemed very good value for all the extra diagnosis it offered. It measures your hormones, liver health, cholesterol, iron, vitamins, muscle health and inflammation so you can track your fitness progression.

Unfortunately, I made a mess when trying to take my own blood but the Medichecks advisor kindly sent a new kit free of charge and gave me some advice for how to take a sample more easily.

Once again, the results and a doctor analysis were available within a couple of days. It confirmed my levels were fine and I was in good shape, calming my fears that something was seriously wrong.

I am now back in full training and very gradually returning to fitness, safe with the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with my health.”

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