Abi's health story

Abi believed her diagnosis wasn’t answering all of her thyroid concerns. Find out how Medichecks helped her to discover some additional issues. Here’s her story:

“I was first diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 20 years ago but still didn’t know much about the condition. After I started experiencing atypical symptoms, I became suspicious that I was misdiagnosed or was receiving the wrong treatment.

I found out about Medichecks through a thyroid forum. In search of a better understanding, I had spoken to others that were also experiencing problems with their thyroid health. They advised me to investigate my vitamin levels as they can interact with your thyroid function.

I ordered the Advanced Thyroid Function Blood Test and was really surprised by my results. My thyroxine levels were in range, but it was certain vitamins and minerals that were very low! The doctor's report was really thorough and made it clear to me which issues needed following up and how to do so.

I started taking supplements and changed my diet to include more of my deficient vitamins and minerals. My GP was happy to view my Medichecks results and continued to follow up on the issues that were highlighted. I’m currently trialling oral B12 supplements thanks to the Medichecks test.

I'm still working on my health, but I now have an understanding of my condition, which makes it much easier to get the right treatment. Medichecks also gave me an insight into another issue that I wasn't aware I had which eased my worries about my unexplained symptoms. I feel a lot more in control of my health.

The tests have given me a really good indication of what I need to do next, and they've highlighted some issues I wasn’t aware of. Thanks to Medichecks it looks likely I'll get the right treatment as soon as things are back to (relative) normality!”

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