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What health check is right for me?

The Medichecks range of affordable blood tests and health checks are designed to suit a wide demographic, but how do you know which blood test or health check is right for you? When we recommend a health check to our customers we look at 3 main risk factors:

Age - one of the biggest risk factors for most of the diseases we test for is age, with your risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer all increasing with advancing years. If you are young, symptom free with no other risk factors then we recommend the Essential Blood Check as a great baseline health check, which you can then monitor actively for change as you get older.

Family history - genes and family history do play a part in some of the diseases we screen for; if you know there is a strong history of heart disease or cancer in your family then we would advise getting checked for those markers at a younger age. Choose a health check which includes a hs- CRP blood test, an inflammation marker with strong associations with heart disease, or if you are male, you might choose to get your prostate checked out earlier if your father had prostate cancer.

Lifestyle - like it or not, how we live has a lot of influence on how we age, and our risk of succumbing to the main diseases of ageing, namely; cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), diabetes and cancer are strongly associated with our lifestyles. If you know that your lifestyle isn't optimal, then you might seek a health check, which is aimed at people older than you. Alternatively, you may eat a restricted diet, which means that you would like to check your status for folate or vitamin B12.

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