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Mens Health

Our selection of men's health checks are designed to test for the common conditions which affect men. As well as our popular Men's Health Screens we have included tests for Heart Disease, Prostate Cancer, and Fertility.

Key Tests for Mens Health

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An essential male health screen which includes liver and kidney function, cholesterol, red and white blood cells as well a PSA test for prostate cance...

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Everything in the Well Man Check, this profile also includes an advanced prostate profile, thyroid function, testosterone, ferritin and important nutritional...

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Start monitoring your level of PSA and know what's normal for you.


The Prostate Check Plus blood test measures the ratio of Free PSA to Total PSA. It is a more accurate indicator of prostate cancer than a PSA test.


A test for men of all ages to help detect testicular cancer, which has one of the best survival rates of all cancers.

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A blood test which measures the level of testosterone, an important steroid hormone, in your blood.


This blood test is to measure total and free testosterone (calculated), oestradiol and SHBG levels in the blood.

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A comprehensive test for the hormones that govern masculinity and male fertility.


A series of hormone blood tests used to investigate the conditions that can lead to male infertility.

About Mens Health

Taking care of your health is as important for men as it is for women, however men are less likely to visit their doctor, even when they have symptoms. Our online health tests give you important insights into your current state of health and can be conveniently conducted in your home or a nearby clinic. If identified early, many fo the common ailments we test for can be easily remedied by lifestyle changes and/or medication. Find out where you stand on the health issues that could affect you.

Why have a Men's Health Test?

Our men's health tests are designed to check for common conditions that can affect men at any stage of their life. Whether you want to have a comprehensive health screen which looks at many of your body's functions and risk factors, or whether you have specific concerns about hormones or fertility, we can help you get the test you need.

Symptoms of Mens Health

Many of the conditions which affect men can often have no symptoms, especially in the early stages. However, if you are suffering from a general feeling of being "out-of-sorts", lacking energy and motivation it may be due to a hormone imbalance or an underlying health condition.