Sports Performance Buying Guide

Understand the different Sports Performance blood tests and what they can tell you about your body to help you optimise your performance.

A sports performance blood test can help you improve your performance by understanding what’s going on inside your body. It’s how top athletes fine-tune their training programmes to ensure they are reaching optimal performance levels.

Our Sports Performance Blood Tests range from at-home finger-prick tests to ultimate and advanced blood tests, allowing you to check the health of important biomarkers, including:

In this guide, we will walk you through some of our range of Sports Performance Blood Tests and why they could be the test for you, or you can try our test finder.

You can choose the option of a finger-prick test or have your blood sample collected from a vein in your arm by a nurse at your home or one of our partner clinics. You can find out more in our how our service works section.

Sports performance blood tests

Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Our Ultimate Performance Blood Test is our most comprehensive blood test for men and women who want to track the progress of their inner health to ensure they are reaching optimal health and performance.

Why this test?

  • Tests 56 biomarkers including all general health biomarkers such as liver and kidney health, inflammation, and cholesterol status.
  • Ensures micronutrients and macronutrient needs are met through testing of important vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin D.
  • Measures your baseline levels so that you can keep an eye on any health risks and see how any changes you make in your training and lifestyle have impacted your inner health.

Sports Hormone Blood Test

Our Sports Hormone Blood Test is our best-selling sports profile, perfect for looking at key performance hormones as well as general health and fitness.

Why this test?

  • Tests 37 biomarkers including, liver and kidney, as well as cholesterol and iron status.
  • Investigates key performance hormones oestradiol and testosterone, as even a small imbalance can affect mood and energy levels.

If you are interested in an insight into more hormones such as LH, FSH, and free testosterone – calc, as well as inflammation markers and your SHBG proteins, then it may be worth upgrading to our Advanced Sports Hormone Blood Test.

This test is a comprehensive test that needs to be taken from the vein, if you want to do a finger-prick blood test, our Advanced Sports At Home Blood Test may be the better option.

Testosterone Blood Test

Our Testosterone Blood Test is an easy and convenient way for you to measure the total level of testosterone in your blood. Testosterone is essential for sex drive, muscle mass, fertility, and mood.

Why this test?

  • Investigates symptoms such as low sex drive, low energy, or loss of muscle mass.
  • Tracks testosterone levels over time, enabling you to track any increases or decreases that coincide with changes in your training plan.
  • Confirms whether your testosterone levels are in the normal range if you are taking any testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Nutrition Blood Test

Our Nutrition Blood Test is a simple, easy, at-home finger-prick test that can help you ensure that your body is getting the important vitamins and minerals it needs for health and well-being.

Why this test?

  • Tests important vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12 and vitamin D – which are the most common vitamin deficiencies.
  • Checks iron levels to ensure that you are getting enough iron in your diet and a deficiency isn’t contributing to any fatigue.
  • Includes a full cholesterol profile and inflammation markers which are useful in making decisions about diet and lifestyle within your training plans.

Looking for something else?

If you’re looking for a test that isn’t here, why not see our guide on the top six blood tests to buy or try our test finder.

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Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Our ultimate blood test for men and women gives you our most comprehensive health check, including advanced profiles for your hormone health, thyroid function, and sports nutrition

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 56 biomarkers
Sports Hormone Blood Test

Check your performance hormones and biomarkers for general health and fitness

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 36 biomarkers
Advanced Sports Hormone Blood Test

Track your health and hormones with our Advanced Sports Hormone Blood Test

  • Results estimated in 3 working days
  • 42 biomarkers
Testosterone Blood Test

Testosterone impacts everything from your mood to energy levels, muscle mass, and sex drive

  • Results estimated in 2 working days
  • 1 biomarkers
Nutrition Blood Test

Check you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health and wellbeing with our home finger-prick blood test

  • Results estimated in 2 working days
  • 11 biomarkers