The benefit of before and after blood testing

Understand the benefit of before and after blood testing before you make a start your New Year resolutions in 2020.

Ever put your heart and soul into a fitness programme or a diet plan and been disheartened by not seeing the physical changes you wanted to?

Ever thought your effort and commitment may have changed your health on the inside without you realising it?

With the New Year fast approaching and many people starting their New Year resolutions come January 1st, we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of before and after blood testing when committing to a fitness programme or making dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Blood testing is one of the most powerful ways of understanding your health and what is going on inside of your body, it is just as important as tracking your daily step count, if not more. Although blood testing comes with a periodic medical check-up, they are often reserved for when you already have a medical problem.

However, having your blood work done on a regular basis can provide you with a significant amount of information about the state of your overall health. This information can be used in several ways including improving sports performance or to see the real benefit of making a lifestyle change such as giving up alcohol and checking your levels of vital nutrients.

Several athletes, including marathon runners, Anna Boniface and Gill Bland that we work with here at Medichecks have started their own blood testing journey by taking our Ultimate Performance and Endurance Fitness Blood Test during the run-up to key marathon events.

Having their blood work done provides these athletes with an insight into the important biomarkers which could affect the outcome of their upcoming season and allows them to adjust their diet and supplementation correctly to optimise their performance. Taking a close look at their biomarkers can also help them to overcome injuries and to understand why they may be lacking motivation and energy.

We spoke to Gill Bland after she had taken her most recent test to see how she had benefited from having her blood work done and she said:-

“The tests confirmed that all my hormones were within the correct levels which had been a problem in the past. Having my cholesterol levels checked identified a problem which I hadn’t been aware of and enabled me to work out what was going on. As a result of the test results I have been able to implement further lifestyle choices which have helped me to train as hard as ever.”

Furthermore, Anna Boniface, the first non-elite woman to cross the finish line at the London Marathon in 2017, is able to monitor her marathon training and recovery thanks to Medichecks blood tests.

Her blood testing journey started back in November 2018, after struggling to recover from her training. Her first blood test showed that her Ferritin levels were 17 ug/L - from previous experience anything below 20 ug/L had negatively affected her performance. With this vital information and ongoing blood monitoring, Anna was able to try different supplement and diet plans until her Ferritin levels were the highest they have ever been - 37 ug/L.

When we spoke to Anna about how valuable the information was to her training programme and she told us:-

“Without the information provided by the tests, I would have no idea whether the lifestyle and diet tweaks I’m making are working. Now I know that I’ve got my routine right and I’ve gone from having to drop out of races, to running personal bests in 1500m, 3000m and 5000m!.”

Regular blood testing is not only essential for sports athletes, but also for people who follow a specific diet such as veganism or vegetarianism. Although a meatless diet has been found to lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, recent research has shown that vegetarians and vegans run the risk of deficiencies in certain nutrients, especially vitamin B12 which is found naturally in animal products (1,2).

Taking a blood test such as our best-selling Nutrition Check Advanced when following a restricted diet can help to understand whether your diet is providing you with the optimum levels of vitamins and minerals. If levels are found to be too low, our expert doctors will recommend the correct levels of supplements within your blood test report. These blood tests can also be taken on a recurrent basis to check whether you aren’t taking more supplements than you really need.

Vegan marathon runner, Jordan Walker has recently started his own blood test journey with Medichecks. He started by taking our Endurance Fitness Blood Test back in September, to analyse his overall health and fitness after running his first marathon earlier in the year. When we asked Jordan what he had changed since taking our Endurance Fitness Blood Test he said:- “The main change I have made is increasing the number of supplements I am taking in order to improve my vitamin and mineral levels.”

Start your own blood testing journey

Have you set your New Year resolutions for 2020 and want to see the real benefit of stepping up your training, changing your diet or giving up alcohol?

Here at Medichecks we offer a wide range of comprehensive blood tests which can track vital biomarkers for optimal health. And with the festive period fast approaching we felt like giving you a helping hand to get you started on your health and fitness journey so take 25% off any tests when you spend over £145 with code: GETAHEAD.

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Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!


1.Olfert, M. and Wattick, R. (2018). Vegetarian Diets and the Risk of Diabetes.Current Diabetes Reports, 18(11).

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