20 reasons to take a Medichecks test

This month, we're celebrating our 20th birthday! So, what better time to share our top 20 reasons to take a Medichecks test...

If we asked you what an iPod, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Medichecks all have in common, what would you say?

Well, this year we are all turning the ripe old age of 20! Our actual birthday is on 14th July but, as we’re sure many of you can relate to, we’re celebrating throughout the whole of July (our birthday month) and taking full advantage of these glorious 31 days to celebrate.

So, what better time than now to share our top 20 reasons to take a Medichecks test.

1. The UK’s first

Did you know that Medichecks created the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood testing service? Our co-founder, Helen Marsden, wanted to make it possible for anyone to be able to get personal health insights with an affordable, convenient service.

2. We’ve got the stats to back it up

Over the last 20 years, we’ve delivered more than five million online test results, introduced 1,322 health tests and our customers have filled over 452,166 medical tubes with blood! That’s a lot of history for a consumer blood testing service.

3. Trust me, I’m a doctor

Our team of UK General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctors provide comments and advice based on your results. That means people who use Medichecks know they have the information they need to improve their health.

4. Blood tests, three ways…

You can choose from our home tests, having a nurse visit you, or going to one of our partner clinics to give your sample. So, whether you’re fascinated by blood and feel confident to take your own, or you’d rather let a nurse take it for you – the choice is yours!

5. Thyroid Thursday, every week

Our thyroid community is strong. In fact, we've helped thousands of people to identify a thyroid problem. And for people who have been diagnosed with an overactive or underactive thyroid, their results have helped to open new discussions with their doctor about their current treatment.

6. Have you seen our awards cabinet?

Since it’s our birthday, we’re not afraid to shout about all our amazing recent award wins, including HealthTech Company of the Year and being named as one of the top 20 Best Companies to Work for 2021 in Health and Social Care.

7. We only use trusted laboratories

Our partner laboratories are UKAS accredited and trusted by the NHS and private clinics alike, meaning you can be sure of the highest testing standards.

8. Excellent customer reviews

We’ve got over 8,000 reviews on Feefo. And our customers tell us they’re impressed with our excellent customer service team, quick and accurate results, and range of tests. We’re pretty proud of our excellent rating too!

9. My Medichecks is Your Medichecks

Your online portal, aka my Medichecks, makes seeing your latest health trends simple. It’s the place for you to tell our doctors your vital stats, health and medical history, and lifestyle profile. 

10. Wellness or illness – we’ve got you

We offer everything from individual markers like vitamins and hormones, to fully comprehensive health checks. Whether you want to monitor a condition, check your risk of something or optimise your health and fitness, we have the test for you.

11. Investigate a health concern

If you’re feeling more tired than usual, are concerned about unexplained weight fluctuation, or have a family history of a particular condition, a blood test can help you rule health concerns in or out. So, if it looks like a follow-up is needed, we’ll let you know to discuss your results with your doctor.

12. Monitor your health

If you already have a diagnosed condition, you can use our tests to monitor a condition, making sure it is effectively being controlled through medication and/or lifestyle. Sometimes, a monitoring blood test is looking at the impact of medication on other health markers too, like your liver function.

13. Establish a health baseline

While lots of people associate health checks with getting older, or doing when something is wrong, there are good reasons to have a health check when you are in your 20s and 30s. This helps you find out what is normal for you and enables you to monitor your health changes over time.

14. Optimise your performance

Our customers range from elite athletes to bodybuilders and from people starting out on couch to 5K to people starting to try for a family. For each of these people, we can help them to see how their training or nutrition is affecting key biomarkers.

15. Rediscover your drive

We all go through phases when we just don’t feel our best. Low levels of certain vitamins and minerals and conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorders are all associated with tiredness and fatigue, so if you feel more lethargic than usual it may be time for a health check.

16. Unsure? We can help

We make evidenced-based decisions so that we are efficient and effective – and we help our customers do the same. If you’d like a test, but you’re not sure which is right for you, our test finder can help. And, we usually have some pretty good offers for you to check out, too.

17. We’re in good company

Our tests are being sold in Boots and Holland and Barrett and we’re working with the NHS to bring remote testing to their patients. Not only that, but our health testing platform powers almost 500 clinics, pharmacies, and health practitioners.

18. Take control with the Health Hub

From our fertility guide to men’s hormones guide, we are much more than blood tests. Our team of experts are committed to giving you expert information to help you to take control of your health. If you want to stay up to date with health information, the Health Hub is the place for you.

19. A friendly world-class team

Behind the scenes, we’re a team of medics, designers, developers, and communicators who are passionate about helping people live longer, healthier lives. We want to empower everyone to take charge of their health with simple, personal blood checks.

20. It doesn’t end here…

We dream big and then we do big. Our vision is to be part of everyone’s journey to better health. We’re already changing the way that our customers engage with their health journey. And we do that by giving insights and information that puts you firmly in control.

Here’s to the next 20 years!

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