Health and Wellness Blood Test Buying Guide

Understand the different types of wellness blood tests and what they can tell you about your overall health and wellbeing.

A wellness blood test can help you optimise your overall health and perform at your very best.

Our wellness blood tests range from easy at-home finger-prick tests to advanced checks, allowing you to check the health of your:

  • Thyroid, liver, and kidney function
  • Heart and cardiovascular system
  • Inflammation markers
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Female and male hormones

We’ll guide you through some of our wellness tests, or you can use our test finder.

Wellness MOT blood tests

A wellness blood test can give you an overview of your health. With the results, you can establish your health baseline and make informed lifestyle changes to see how diet and nutrition affect your overall health.

You can choose a finger-prick test or to have your blood sample collected from a vein in your arm by a nurse at your home, at one of our partner clinics, or arrange your own sample collection. Find out more about how our service works.

Blood tests for women

Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

The Advanced Well Woman Blood Test is our most comprehensive blood test for women. This test gives you an overview of your health, from your thyroid function to female hormones, as well as vitamins and minerals for energy and long-term health.

Why this test?

  • Test 48 biomarkers including hormones, vitamins, minerals and kidney and liver function.
  • Investigate causes of changes to your mood, energy levels, or metabolism like a thyroid-related condition.
  • Identify health risks, like diabetes or heart disease, so you can take steps to improve your health.

Women’s Ultimate At-Home Blood Test

If you’d prefer a finger-prick blood test, our Women’s Ultimate At-Home Blood Test is our ultimate at-home health check. It covers the thyroid, liver and kidney function, cholesterol status, and nutritional markers.

  • Test 16 biomarkers, including ferritin, active B12, and vitamin D.
  • Investigate your risk of developing a lifestyle-related disease.
  • Be informed to make proactive lifestyle choices to see how diet and nutrition changes affect your overall health.

Wellness blood tests for men

Advanced Well Man Blood Test

The Advanced Well Man Blood Test tests 44 biomarkers, including liver health, diabetes, cholesterol, testosterone, vitamins, and minerals.

Why this test?

  • Test for low T (testosterone), the male hormone responsible for libido, muscle mass and male fertility. 
  • Focus on areas of your health to monitor and improve through lifestyle changes.
  • Identify risks for developing diseases like diabetes or heart disease, so that you can take steps to improve your health.

Men’s Ultimate At-Home Blood Test

This is our easy home finger-prick blood test for men looking for a general health MOT. It includes 16 biomarkers covering your liver and kidney function, testosterone levels, cholesterol status and nutritional markers.

Why this test?

  • Find out if your testosterone level is healthy to investigate symptoms relating to body composition, low libido, mood, or energy.
  • Assess your risk of developing some lifestyle-related diseases by testing your cholesterol, liver, and kidney function.
  • Proactively make informed lifestyle choices to track how diet and nutrition changes affect your health.

General blood tests

Health and Lifestyle Blood Test

This simple, affordable at-home finger-prick test checks your liver and kidney function, heart health, and key nutrients.

Why this test?

  • Understand if common health risks apply to you.
  • Measure important markers for liver, kidney, and heart health.
  • Test for inflammation, iron, and vitamins for energy and optimal health.

Nutrition Blood Test

This finger-prick nutrition test checks whether your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals it needs for health and wellbeing.

Why this test?

  • Get a general nutrition overview.
  • Find out if you are getting enough vitamins (including vitamin D and B12) and minerals from your diet.
  • Check your cholesterol status and levels of inflammation, which can be influenced by diet.

Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test

This test is a simple finger-prick blood test to check your vitamin D levels - vital for strong bones, healthy immune function, and mood.

Why this test?

  • Get an exact figure for your vitamin D levels.
  • Investigate whether a vitamin D deficiency is causing symptoms of low energy.
  • Take this simple test from the comfort of your own home.

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