Reticulocyte Count Blood Test, from our experts to you.
Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP

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What could the
reticulocyte count tell me?

With our Reticulocyte Count Blood Test, you can understand whether you are overproducing red cells (which would indicate blood loss/breakdown) and check your red blood cell to see if your bone marrow is functioning normally.

What is the function
of red blood cells?

Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell and deliver oxygen to your tissues via your circulatory system. Red blood cells are continuously created in your bone marrow to replace cells that are lost through bleeding or cell ageing.

What can a
red blood cell count tell me?

Your red cell count should be stable, but certain conditions can cause too few or too many cells to be created, die too quickly, or be misshapen. If you are not producing enough red blood cells, the amount of oxygen being delivered to your tissues can be affected. This can result in anaemia and its associated symptoms of fatigue and pale skin. Overproduction of red blood cells can cause headaches, blurred vision and an enlarged spleen.

What's Included?

Red blood cells
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