Parathyroid Hormone Blood Test, from our experts to you.
Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP

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What is the
parathyroid hormone?

The parathyroid hormone (PTH) is produced by a cluster of four small tiny glands which lie directly behind the thyroid glands. PTH regulates calcium levels in the blood, helping to increase levels when they are too low.

What happens if
parathyroid hormone levels are high or low?

Too high or too low parathyroid hormone levels can affect bone and kidney health and vitamin D levels.

What does the
parathyroid hormone do?

Parathyroid hormone regulates calcium levels by mobilising calcium into the blood from bone, enhancing the absorption of calcium from the small intestine and controlling the amount of calcium lost in the urine. Our test identifies any overactivity in the glands producing parathyroid hormone while helping to find the cause of abnormal blood calcium levels.

What's Included?

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Intact PTH Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is important in controlling blood calcium levels. When calcium levels are low, the parathyroid gland releases PTH into the bloodstream. PTH is able to retrieve calcium from bone, stimulate vitamin D activation in the kidneys and suppress calcium excretion in the urine.