Mercury Urine Test
    Mercury Urine Test
    Mercury Urine Test

Mercury Urine Test


A test to measure the level of mercury in your urine.

For this test, you will be required to visit The Doctors Laboratory in London to collect your sample as the sample is not suitable for posting.

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Kidney health

Creatinine urine

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Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that is generated from normal muscle metabolism. Measurement of this is an indicator of the levels of other waste products in the body. Creatinine is also an accurate marker of kidney function, and may help in diagnosing kidney disease.

Trace elements

Mercury : Creatinine

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Mercury - urine

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Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can damage the brain, nervous system, kidneys and lungs when the body is exposed to high levels.
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How does mercury exposure happen?

Mercury exposure can occur from eating fish, having certain dental filings, breathing contaminated air, and in industries involved in coal, gold, cement, steel, and battery production.

What is a Mercury Urine Test?

Our Mercury Urine Test measures your mercury exposure. Our test can be influenced by eating fish because fish (particularly certain deep sea fish) may contain mercury. This test can help if you are worried about mercury exposure from your workplace or environment. It can be used by employers who are required to carry out biological monitoring for workers potentially exposed to mercury.

What is mercury?

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that, if exposed to high levels, can cause damage to the nervous system, brain, kidneys, lungs, and blood vessels. It can also result in many diseases, such as acrodynia, Hunter-Russell syndrome and Minamata disease.

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