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Visit our health hub for lots of useful health and lifestyle tips as well as information about our tests and conditions that may affect you.

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Meet Our Doctors - Dr Sam Rodgers

Dr Sam Rodgers has been reporting on our customer's results since August 2016, and joined us as our Medical Director earlier this year. As well as reporting on results, Sam is responsible for our clinical and ethical leadership.

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General Health

Adrenal Fatigue- Fact or Fiction?

If we were to name the presiding condition of the 21st Century so far, it would be adrenal fatigue. But go back only 5 or 10 years and no one had heard of it, let alone tried to diagnose or treat it. So what is adrenal fatigue and is there any reason why it has gained so much prominence and controversy in such a short space of time?

Heart Disease

Non-HDL Cholesterol - a new marker for cardiovascular risk

We think you'll be hearing more about non-HDL cholesterol - now included in all our cholesterol checks and health screens.


7 symptoms – could your hormones be to blame?

Hormones are responsible for so many of our body’s functions, yet we don’t always think of them when we have health problems.

Thyroid Health

7 signs you could have an underactive thyroid

Could you be suffering from a thyroid disorder without knowing it? Read our blog to see the common signs and symptoms.

General Health

7 reasons to have a health check

Should a health check be just for people who are sick or suffering with symptoms? We don't think so.

General Health

Medichecks' Health and Wellness predictions for 2017

Standing desks and 80's dance classes. We predict the upcoming health trends for 2017.


7 signs you could have low testosterone

Low testosterone can affect men of any age. So what are the signs yours might be flagging?

Liver Health

7 ways to keep your liver healthy

Sometimes it's easy to overlook you liver. Here's 7 ways to keep it healthy.

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