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Visit our health hub for lots of useful health and lifestyle tips as well as information about our tests and conditions that may affect you.

General Health

Do you know yourself inside and out?

Medichecks put Nell McAndrew through her paces at the first ever 'work-in gym' to promote our new range of health and fitness checks.

Recent Blogs

General Health

Medichecks' 2018 Health and Wellness predictions

New, exciting superfoods, virtual reality workouts and dog yoga - we predict the upcoming health trends for 2018.

Heart Disease

Good cholesterol turned bad?

For years we have seen HDL cholesterol as having a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. But could new scientific evidence found in 2017 prove this to be wrong?

Liver Health

Liver health - have you checked yours recently?

Has the Christmas period caused damage to your liver? There is no way of knowing without a Medichecks blood test!

General Health

Top tips for making your resolutions a long term change

Make your new year resolutions a permanent, positive change to your life by following our 5 simple steps.

General Health

Winter Health and Wellness: cold and flu

Many of us complain about sore throats and coughs during the winter time but do we know the difference between a cold and the flu?

General Health

Winter Health and Wellness: poor circulation and joint pain

Could your cold hands and feet and aching joints be down to more than just the winter weather?

General Health

5 reasons why Christmas is good for your health

Knowing that there are aspects of Christmas that are good for our health adds even more sparkle to this festive time of year.

General Health

Winter Health and Wellness: dry skin and hair

Could your dry skin and hair be a sign of an underlying health condition?

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