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Heart Disease

Heart disease is on the rise

For the first time in 50 years the number of people under the age of 75 dying from heart and circulatory disease is on the rise. Find out if you are at risk and how to keep your heart healthy.

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Gut and Bowel Health

5 simple steps to improve your gut health

Gut health plays a major role in maintaining our overall health and well being. Read our 5 tips for keeping your gut healthy.

General Health

Behind the headlines: should we be injecting vitamins?

There has been a lot in the news lately about the growing trend for intravenous "vitamin" drips, but does this new celebrity induced craze provide any health benefits and is it safe?


We're at BodyPower!

We have some great things planned at the UK's biggest fitness expo!

General Health

Allergy Awareness Week - the link between air pollution and allergies

This week is allergy awareness week, a week dedicated to highlighting the difficulties people with allergies can face. What better to time to investigate those niggling symptoms and see if an allergy could be to blame?


The importance of iron to the endurance athlete

Running with Us coaches explain the importance of monitoring iron levels in endurance athletes.


Everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet

Dr Peter Prinsloo is a chemical pathologist and doctor who is head of clinical governance at Medichecks.

Liver Health

Behind the headlines - fatty liver disease epidemic

Experts are warning that high levels of fatty liver disease among young people could signal a potential public health crisis.


Introducing our new Nutrition Check

Introducing our new Nutrition Check, the perfect way to tell whether the diet you are following is good for you or is causing insufficiency or deficiency in important vitamins and minerals.

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