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The Blood Group Diet

Does your blood group hold the secret to the food types best suited to you in order to keep healthy?

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Anna Boniface - Why I test my bloods during training

We spoke to endurance athlete and physiotherapist Anna Boniface about the benefits of blood testing with Medichecks in sports training.


Medichecks joins Sport Tech Hub

Medichecks selected to join London’s leading SportTech incubator programme

Gut and Bowel Health

Do we really have a second brain?

Learn more about how your gut and brain are connected

Men's Health

Are you going through the MANopause?

Get clued up about the symptoms of the andropause or male-menopause and find out how you can get checked.

General Health

Medichecks Tiredness and Fatigue Checks

Could there be more to blame for your tiredness and fatigue than 'just another busy day at the office'?


Dr Emil's ketogenic experiment!

How will switching to a ketogenic diet affect our very own bodybuilding doctor Emil?


5 Key Bio-markers For Sport Performance Optimisation

Find out more about the markers you should be monitoring to take your training to the next level.

General Health

What does your blood say about you?

Do you know what's in your blood?

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