Introducing our #ChooseTRT campaign with The Men's Health Clinic

Introducing our new partnership campaign - #ChooseTRT

We’re delighted to be working with our partners at The Men’s Health Clinic to raise awareness of low testosterone and its impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of men. We asked Dr Robert Stevens, a specialist in men's hormones, about what prompted his campaign #ChooseTRT.

What is the link between low testosterone and men’s mental health?

It is well recognised that low testosterone can cause symptoms such as depression, anxiety and depersonalisation. Testosterone has traditionally been thought of as the male sex-hormone, however, its role in ongoing physical and psychological health cannot be over-emphasised [1]. The fundamental of health should be lifestyle, nutrition and exercise, then hormonal health, then modern medicine.

Do you think that low testosterone is overlooked as a possible cause of depression in men?

The importance of testosterone in psychological and physical health is still a fairly new area in traditional medicine. There is somewhat of a lack of understanding of the concept that hormonal health has a significant impact on mental wellbeing, and that mental health conditions are potentially reversible cause through hormone optimisation.

What can men do if their results show low testosterone?

It is important to appreciate an isolated testosterone result needs to be taken into context with other parameters that your doctor should explore, including reversible causes and consideration of other potential diagnoses. If you have low testosterone, I would recommend having the TRT Check Plus done through Medichecks, which encompasses a thorough complement of the necessary blood tests to help establish a diagnosis. We have created a guide to help you through the process which can be found here.

How quickly can men respond to TRT?

The qualitative effects of testosterone such as improved mood, focus, energy, drive and determination can start to take effect in just a few weeks, especially if you are taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin alongside testosterone. It’s important to appreciate that the long-term psychological and physical effects of an optimised TRT protocol can only be fully appreciated once your levels have stabilised, which can take a few months. Optimised androgen levels will allow you to take that next step forwards if you appreciate the onus of responsibility is on you taking that step yourself. testosterone TRT blood testing kits #choosetrt

Why are you partnering with Medichecks to promote #ChooseTRT?

The Men’s Health Clinic is partnering with Medichecks to help promote #ChooseTRT as we both see the value in offering a gold standard service to our patients. In order to affect a positive change to society, one must recognise the importance of education, autonomy, access and cost-effectiveness. Information is power and to improve the health of the collective, one must first address the individual.

What do you hope to achieve with this campaign?

The campaign is focused on highlighting the importance of hormonal health in mental wellbeing. Almost all my patients state their mental health has improved because of TRT. What prompted the campaign was two of my patients stating they probably wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t found someone to listen to them and take the issue of low testosterone seriously, and I provide them with an optimal TRT protocol and the ongoing necessary support and guidance.

Where can I find out more about #ChooseTRT?

Simply type in #ChooseTRT into most social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram. If you would like more information about the campaign, please follow the link - #ChooseTRT. We have lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for updates.

[1] Hughes, L. (2019). TRT – The New Male Antidepressant - The Men's Health Clinic. [online] The Men's Health Clinic. Available at: [Accessed 13 Mar. 2019].

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