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One year on, and what have we learned? Lots!


Helen Marsden

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A year ago we entered a partnership with Thyroid UK, donating a proportion of every test sold to their community to help fund their important work in raising awareness of the issues facing thyroid patients. The Thyroid UK website offers huge support to thyroid patients, especially those who don't do well on Levothyroxine, the standard thyroid replacement therapy in the UK. The charity has campaigned vigorously for other treatment options to be available for patients - especially replacement therapy with T3, the active thyroid hormone which is rarely prescribed in the UK due to its high cost relative to Levothyroxine. T3 has been withdrawn even from people who were doing well on it, leaving many of them with nowhere to turn apart from self managing their thyroid condition.

For Medichecks it's been a great year; we've got closer to the thyroid community and have taken time to listen to their issues and understand the challenges they face; we've introduced Thyroid Thursday, a weekly campaign to educate but also to make our tests more affordable with weekly special offers, and we sponsored the Thyroid UK conference in September 2017, with our funding contributing to the filming and closed captioning for the hard-of-hearing. 

Thyroid UK invited Medichecks' Medical Director Dr Sam Rodgers to speak at their conference about the importance of thorough thyroid testing and interpretation. Knowing that he was talking to a highly engaged and educated audience was a given, but even Sam was surprised at the extent to which this community had taken their health into their own hands! You can see his opening remarks here.

We're looking forward to another eventful year as we build our relationship with Thyroid UK, learn more about the issues facing thyroid patients and develop new products to help in the diagnosis of thyroid conditions.

You can watch the full thyroid conference video here.


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