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Thank you so much for taking the time to ask it has put my mind at rest. Really happy with the service and will definitely use you again.

Mrs M, Preston

I just wanted to thank you so much for an amazing and professional service you provide. I had a CDT blood test before a DVLA medical for the return of my driving license. I decided to check it before the medical for peace of mind. The whole process with you was flawless and I just wanted to thank you. I will definitely be recommending you to others. Thanks again

Mr Bailey, Exeter

I would like to thank Medichecks for the excellent, efficient and timely experience I have had using your services. My test was for full Thyroid testing : I paid Monday, received pre-test blood sample home collection kit with precise step-by-step guidance on how to take the finger-prick blood sample (without viewing a single needle point - very clever for the phobic!), despatch instructions for onward transmission to the laboratory, with pre-paid postage packaging. Wednesday I received my online results via my personally allocated and secure webpage. I paid a little more to have the findings overseen by your doctor and my results came back as negative for hypothyroidism because my in-depth endocrinology readout was easily within average tolerance levels. In detail my thyroid function tests were Thyroid stimulating hormone, free Thyroxine, total Thyroxine, free T3, Thyroglobulin antibody and Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies. these totalled 6 types of testing that was comprehensive and far better than the simple 1 test carried out by NHS via my GP. This test cost £59 in total. Knowing that Hypothyroidism can be difficult and sometimes long-winded to diagnose my mind was put at ease by the range of 6 definitive tests carried out by your laboratory. Plus - I now will not be spending an indeterminable amount of time occupying my GP with numerous appointments following through all the range of tests one-by-one! All-in-all this has been a really good experience for myself and family, knowing results are comprehensive and effected very quickly was a relief during an uncertain time of worry about my thyroid health. No-one wants to wait for test results over months when 3 days is possible via Medichecks.

Mrs M, Nottinghamshire

I have just discovered Medichecks and the fantastic service they provide. I have certain health issues which mean I need various tests on a regular basis. In the past, this has meant a lengthy process where I contacted my practitioner, they contacted a laboratory, the lab posted out the kit, I posted it back, they sent the results to my practitioner, who eventually contacted me. Now I’ve discovered Medichecks, it’s so simple and speedy! You buy online, the kit comes next day, you post it back, and hey presto! Medichecks offer free access to a doctor’s interpretation if you need it. They even print the labels on the tubes – no more scribbling in tiny boxes on the side of the tubes! You don’t have to fill in a lengthy requisition sheet because they’ve got all your details online. It all arrives in a neat little box and you just send back the test and a small identity card. They even answer the phone promptly and are really helpful. I love it!! I wish I’d found them years ago, they’ve made life so much easier…..

Mrs Tayler, Wrexham

I cannot thank you enough, your service is second to none. For a long time I thought that I had a UTI and have constantly been fobbed off by the NHS, one doctor rang me to tell me that I definitely did not have a urine infection, I sent a sample to you and I had two different types of urine infection. I am now seeing a Consultant, a big thank you to you for saving my sanity.

Mrs Frost, Kent

I have hypothyroidism and my GP has stopped testing for T3 which is ridiculous as a) I am on liothyronine and need to check levels and b) you cant get a proper 'picture' without measuring all the hormones. I had to find a way to test for T3 to send to my endocrinologist and I used Medichecks, I just had to write to you to tell you how great I found the whole process! The kit was very informative, user friendly and even the packaging and design were spot on. Obviously I was worried about stabbing my self with a needle, but it was super easy and as you didn't see the needle that helped massively. I sent it off, actually at the weekend by mistake...and on Monday I got my results! All for £29!! I am so pleased, I shouldn't be this excited about a blood test.... but there you go. Thank you, I will be using you again and will recommend to anyone that needs this service.

Mrs Gaforg, Surrey

I am very much satisfied with the service provided by Medichecks. From the point that I placed an order for a blood test kit I was kept well informed. The procedure itself to send back the blood sample was clear in the kit and was pretty straightforward. The result interpretation by Dr Rodgers and follow-up suggestions were very useful. But what I am mainly impressed about is that when I got in touch with them again to have further opinion and suggestions on the results, Emma was very helpful and prompt in the customer service part and passing on communications back and forth and Dr Rodgers was immensely patient with my queries, keen to help, sincere and thorough in his review and consultation. I am very grateful to them for the suggestions and support.

Mrs Kutty, London

Just to let you know that I am very happy with the Customer service provided. I specially appreciated that the GP (Sam Rodgers) called me to explain the results and what I need to do next. I'll definitely use your services in future and I'll gladly recommend it.

Ms Kraft, Staines

I had ordered an Amylase test as I had been having upper left abdominal pain which I thought was pancreatic in origin. My specialists where not being proactive and dismissed my suggestion of pancreatic problem. I did the test which was very simple to do and was pleased when the results showed a raised level of Amylase. Now the specialist is having to take me seriously. I received excellent service from Medichecks and when I contacted them my questions were answered quickly. I would have no hesitation in using them again.

Miss M, Renfrewshire

I was extremely frustrated that my GP refused to check all my thyroid blood levels for a disease that is worsened by stress. I was so relieved to find an online service that took away my stress by enabling me to check for myself. This company has been a Godsend. Thanks so much.

Mrs Coupe, Lancashire

Thanks for a speedy and reliable service.

Mrs C, Kidderminster

I've used Medichecks since 2012, mainly as a regular independent test to make sure health is OK. The service is prompt and very reliable and I shall continue to do an annual check just for peace of mind.

Mr S, Leicestershire

I think your service is excellent and the doctor's feedback I received was very good. Very pleased I had the tests done.

Mrs O, West Yorkshire

Great service, a little bit more expensive but I would use again because you can track results on the personalised report.

Ms H, Bedfordshire

Brilliant service. Only used once but will be getting more bloods done. Just need to save up.

Mrs C, Essex

Outstanding service from Medichecks. Your efficient turnaround of results means less stress from someone who is already stressed by their symptoms. By using your Thyroid test which tested for thyroid antibodies my GP has now listened and ordered a thyroid scan. To anyone out there worrying please use this service it is amazing. Thank you so much Medichecks.

Mrs Cope, West Midlands

We have been using Medichecks for a couple of years now. The service is phenomenal. The way healthcare should be in the modern world!

Dr Bismil, Lincolnshire

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