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I have hypothyroidism and my GP has stopped testing for T3 which is ridiculous as a) I am on liothyronine and need to check levels and b) you cant get a proper 'picture' without measuring all the hormones. I had to find a way to test for T3 to send to my endocrinologist and I used Medichecks, I just had to write to you to tell you ho great I found the whole process! The kit was very informative, user friendly and even the packaging and design were spot on. Obviously I was worried about stabbing my self with a needle, but it was super easy and as you didn't see the needle that helped massively. I sent it off, actually at the weekend by mistake...and on Monday I got my results! All for £29!! I am so pleased, I shouldn't be this excited about a blood test.... but there you go. Thank you, I will be using you again and will recommend to anyone that needs this service.

Mrs Gaforg, Surrey

I am very much satisfied with the service provided by Medichecks. From the point that I placed an order for a blood test kit I was kept well informed. The procedure itself to send back the blood sample was clear in the kit and was pretty straightforward. The result interpretation by Dr Rodgers and follow-up suggestions were very useful. But what I am mainly impressed about is that when I got in touch with them again to have further opinion and suggestions on the results, Emma was very helpful and prompt in the customer service part and passing on communications back and forth and Dr Rodgers was immensely patient with my queries, keen to help, sincere and thorough in his review and consultation. I am very grateful to them for the suggestions and support.

Mrs Kutty, London

Just to let you know that I am very happy with the Customer service provided. I specially appreciated that the GP (Sam Rodgers) called me to explain the results and what I need to do next. I'll definitely use your services in future and I'll gladly recommend it.

Ms Kraft, Staines

I had ordered an Amylase test as I had been having upper left abdominal pain which I thought was pancreatic in origin. My specialists where not being proactive and dismissed my suggestion of pancreatic problem. I did the test which was very simple to do and was pleased when the results showed a raised level of Amylase. Now the specialist is having to take me seriously. I received excellent service from Medichecks and when I contacted them my questions were answered quickly. I would have no hesitation in using them again.

Miss M, Renfrewshire

I was extremely frustrated that my GP refused to check all my thyroid blood levels for a disease that is worsened by stress. I was so relieved to find an online service that took away my stress by enabling me to check for myself. This company has been a Godsend. Thanks so much.

Mrs Coupe, Lancashire

Thanks for a speedy and reliable service.

Mrs C, Kidderminster

I've used Medichecks since 2012, mainly as a regular independent test to make sure health is OK. The service is prompt and very reliable and I shall continue to do an annual check just for peace of mind.

Mr S, Leicestershire

Think your service is excellent. And the doctor's feedback very good. Very pleased I had the tests done.

Mrs O, West Yorkshire

Great service, a little bit more expensive but I would use again because you can track results on the personalised report.

Ms H, Bedfordshire

Brilliant service. Only used once but will be getting more bloods done. Just need to save up.

Mrs C, Essex

Outstanding service from Medichecks. Your efficient turnaround of results means less stress from someone who is already stressed by their symptoms. By using your Thyroid test which tested for thyroid antibodies my GP has now listened and ordered a thyroid scan. To anyone out there worrying please use this service it is amazing. Thank you so much Medichecks.

Mrs Cope, West Midlands

We have been using Medichecks for a couple of years now. The service is phenomenal. The way healthcare should be in the modern world!

Dr Bismil, Lincolnshire

I just wanted to say thank you for your service, which is much appreciated. I ordered a Thyroid panel and although I feel a bit odd being happy with a 'positive' result, it answers so many questions. I have been having symptoms for over 10 years, have close family members with related thyroid conditions and so far I've felt ignored by my GP. Ordering and taking the test was surprisingly easy and whenever I phoned your offices, your staff were always helpful and understanding. Thank you for helping me and I'm sure I will be recommending you to family and friends in the future.

Mr Norton, Kent

I just wanted to put in writing how grateful I am that you were able to arrange my additional rubella test and amend the price. Thank you so much. What a great company and what great service. Test results back in record time. Emma was especially helpful. I will definitely be recommending Medichecks and using your services again. Fantastic.

Ms Read, Bucks

Since my food intolerance test I've not looked back - all my symptoms of bloating, lethargy and moodiness have gone. My wife says that I'm like a new man, and to be honest I feel like one!

Mr Daniel, Nottingham

Thanks so much for your help - thanks to these test results, I got a diagnosis of hypothyroidism from my GP. I now have some real hope that I can start to feel better.

Miss L, Birmingham

I am really happy with the service provided by Medichecks, I have felt so unwell for months and they found something which answers why I am always so tired. They are so quick when dealing with the results and the website is excellent and keeps you informed of what is happening. The report they provide is very detailed. A special thanks to Beth who has been so efficient throughout.

Mrs Joyce, Lancashire

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